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It has been sometime now since I have been planning to write this entry. A week before the cricket world cup started, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine, a complete cricket freak (A freak is someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction), who had landed up a job in a media organisation and his boss had gifted him a Team India t-shirt. (I am sure he is smiling right now while reading this!) Well, that was the moment when I had decided that after nearly 32 months of blog writing and 19 years of no interest in the game, I would write an entry regarding cricket!

Something or the other happened and the idea for this entry gathered dust in the ‘to-be-written blog entry list’ of mine. (Mind it, there are some more nice topics under the dust-cover as well!) Delayed news is no news. And because I am not giving any news, I don’t think I am delayed in writing this entry. Alright, I can understand that India has already got the Cup home and the IPL Season has already begun, but fine, this is my blog and here I write whatever I wish at whatever time I wish to and you are not entitled to question me on that! (Was it too harsh, ehh? No?? Shit!!)

After waiting for 28 years, yes, we have the Cup back. The World Cup. A 15 year old boy’s dream got fulfilled after 22 whole years and the world of cricket lovers bows before this miracle- Sachin Tendulkar. He is one man who has proved to the world that all it takes to be successful is the availability of a huge amount of potential and will to work hard that can light up one’s passion. Well this is no testimonial and I don’t have enough words, so I won’t write more about the God. All the Best Sire!

Post the India-Pakistan match (that was probably one match much more important than even the finals just because of the two teams involved in it) on 30th March, a friend of mine (and a voracious reader of my blog) told me that this win deserves a blog entry from me. Well, for me, this was the first ever match in the World Cup 2011 that I was viewing (and mind it, I saw just the last 20 overs!) and the excitement of my fellow Delhiites was distinctly visible that night. The fireworks went on for at least three hours after the successful Indian victory! Wow! And a blog entry? Not yet…let the Cup come in…

2nd April 2011 is a day probably I would never forget. No it is not because India won the World Cup that day. It is not because Yuvraj Singh who shares my birthday was the Man of the Tournament. It is not because every Indian was happy that day. It was because for the first time in a 19 year 3 month and 20 day history, I was glued to watching a 100 over Cricket match with full interest! And I didn’t even want to miss the presentation ceremony which I eventually did, because I had to return home at 11.30 in the night from DLF Place Saket! Well my twitter updates and facebook statuses spoke well of my excitement!

One of the most interesting things that did the rounds via the free messaging services of our mobile operators was the Rajnikant jokes! “Once Rajni bowled to Sachin and that was the day Rajni realized he is human- Cricket can only have one God!” and “Anhoni ko honi kar de, honi ko anhoni, ek jagah jab jamaa hon tinon- rajni, ghajini aur dhoni!” And the rumours regarding match-fixing? Wow! I wonder how, the ones who created those texts would fix-their-matches from the palmists in the country! (Refer: Matrimonial!)

The World Cup fever ended and now we have the IPL back. With season 4 and a lot of controversies, the Indian Premier League is here for a 51 day strike in the country! (That’s what the taglines scream!!) It would be actually interesting to see the cheerleaders of the Pune Team clad in ethnic Indian wear and for the first time international cricket would see classical Indian dances performed on-field! That should be something worth not missing in their first match on 10th!

Cricket and Cinema are the two things that work in India and seriously when these two things go together it is bound to succeed. But with the present World Cup fever not yet over, will the IPL-4 be able to do as good as its previous seasons? Well, only time will tell! For now, I am concentrating more on the Harry Potter Part 7 DVD that is out this Monday. Any plans for gifting it to me? ;)


  1. i have always told you that you are a terrific writer, means the kind of lively picture your words paint is nothing less than extraordinary....loved reading it....and it always feels good when you bring me in almost every blog of yours :)

    super are born to be a blogger... great expressions, succinct verbiage...outstanding

  2. mr. dubey!!!!!
    really a cricket freak!!!!!
    n mr. anwesan!!!! nicely described!!!

  3. OMG!!amazing entry!!(n i think i need another word now,coz i m bored of saying "amazing" every tym i read a blog entry by u!!
    u actually said that!!true..voracious!!:D
    thanx for bringing in the memories of that triumph again!!:)..go on!

  4. I get that feeling all over again!
    Sometimes yea, it gives a beautiful feeling to cherish those older posts!

  5. i am no cricket freak but i enjoyed your post a lot.


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