Some realizations come late...

This entry is not going to be long because I don’t intend it to be. I will keep it simple and direct. Probably this is very childish but this is what I felt. And I seriously do not know why I am sharing this with you.

Today evening I was not having any work and was sitting idle at home, so my grandfather asked me to accompany him to the Chhatarpur temples. I went with him. He was concerned about my deteriorating health condition. He said I was growing weak. The charm that used to be in me, is lost, which is something unusual at this age. While in the auto, he told me that if I was facing any kind of problem or stress in college or with friends or anything, I should just tell everything to God there and all my problems would be solved at the speed of light. I was thinking of saying so many things to God. We reached the temple and attended the evening aarti. We sat there for almost 15-20 minutes. But somehow at that moment I just didn’t feel like saying anything to God. I thought aapko to sab kuch pata hai, aap sab kuch dekh rahe ho, to saayad jo bhi ho raha hai kisi ache reason se hi ho raha hoga. Saayad wo reason mujhe abhi nahi dikh raha hai, but baad mein mai realize karunga ki jo bhi hua, acha hi hua…

I don’t know what happened to me at that time, why I thought like this. I don’t even believe in going to temples and praying, but today I went. Probably I needed a break from daily monotonous boring routine. And yes, I am feeling much better after this unexpected encounter with the Almighty.


  1. very true antarik..even tough we cant see Him,but at the worst of times,he makes us FEEL His presence right beside us..n keeps us going.dont be bothered by whatever is happening..n as i tell myself "just flow with the flow..n He will take u to the destined destination"..:)
    all the best!

  2. Yes... evn I nevr believd in God b4 Clas 7th... Bt, nw my belief hs strengthend wid tym... In many thngs, I hv felt dat such thngs, whch wud hv been impossibl othrwise, r indeed happenning... I beliv dat b4 such thngs happen 2 us, v shud nevr beliv in Him... Bt, 1ce such thngs start 2 happen, v wud find ourselvs submitting b4 Him...

  3. Every Institution, organisation, society, nation and family is governed and disciplined by the person heading it. We identify this person by different names like Chairman, President, Dean, Principal,Parent and so on. Nature is so disciplined. How do you identify its disciplining authority? Perhaps that is GOD. This is how I understand Him. Understand Him in your own way. But never question his existence. He will undoubtedly help you when you completely surrender to Him. But He will help you only if you help yourself. After putting your whole hearted efforts leave it to Him. He will never ditch you. I am sure about it. He has always been with me whenever I have needed Him, but only after I have put my exhaustive efforts.


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