What's new on this 3rd birthday?

Yes, I know it has been sometime now since I made a new entry here. People have been asking me for the reason and requesting me for new posts. I have been unable to live up to my best readers’ expectations. But, I am sure, they would be glad to see these little changes that I have made ‘on second thoughts…’ for the third birthday celebration of my blog.

The newest addition to my blog, something which has never been seen here before, is the links to some stand-alone pages on the navigation bar on the top panel, something which I am sure must not have missed your eye when you opened the blog today.

Another feature added to the blog is the ‘My Tweets’ section on the side-bar.

Apart from these, a recently introduced google feature helps in viewing my blog in many different formats and templates. Try the following links (Right click, and open in new tab) and find out for yourself which view is the best one for you!
Go around the blog and search for the other tiny winy changes yourself. Have a great time! :)

And yes, do not forget to wish my blog a very happy birthday! :)

Take care


  1. Happy Birthday....to Antarik's blog....♥♥♥...:-)...;D....party time....!

  2. happy birth day to antarik`s blog ON SECOND THOUGHT

  3. Hey antarik...Happy b'day to ur blog...Continue writing admirably...All the best!!!

  4. i like snapshots.....:-).....♥

  5. Happy birthday Antarik's blog...I need a party now and yes your flip-card view is what I liked the most...

  6. antarik u have been doing a good work, an continue it... keep it up... happy birthday to second thoughts...

  7. Thank you so much for your wishes everyone :)

  8. happy bday to second thoughts!:)
    timeslide is the best!
    great job antarik..keep it going..:)all the best

  9. Belated Happy Bday 2 ur wonderful Blog...

    M realy late as didnt hv Internet Access until ystrday nyt...

    Really luvd d SlideBar View...

    Keep it up...


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