Time Out!

Loads of work, college assignments, exams and a surprise at my rediffmail inbox this evening, supplemented with the ever-changing look of facebook, a wonderful end-semester exam datesheet and the worry that I won’t be able to send more than a hundred text messages a day starting Tuesday- everything is forcing me to delay and re-delay and re-re-delay an entry on my blog. And I am sure if I do not start writing right now, this would get re-re-re-delayed as well!

The Telecom Regulation Authority of India (TRAI) has decided to implement the maximum 100 messages a day scheme from 27th. It is a compulsory step and every telecom provider has to adhere to it. Well, today’s Times of India’s article cleared some ice regarding this. The customers who use texts to communicate are going to face the bars while the telemarketing giants who cannot spend a day without flooding our inboxes with their idiotic ‘Personality Development classes’, ‘Property in Noida’, and ‘Bank loans and insurances’, would be able to continue doing the same. There is no restriction for them! It is again we, the customers, who need to register for the Do Not Disturb-DND-directory to block those texts on our cells. Well, two days back my friend got a text from Vodafone (his service provider) saying that since he wanted to receive bank account details, he needs to opt out of the DND service. Isn’t it WOW? And what if we need to send an urgent text and our 100 messages for the day are over?

I got to know my end-semester date sheet today. My fear of having an exam a day after my birthday has finally left. The easiest of the four subjects on the birthday (although I scored the lowest in that subject in the last semester!) and an exam two days away from it- I couldn’t have asked for a better datesheet.

It seems my workload wasn’t enough. I have been trying- slowly but surely with some pace- to complete all work ASAP and then concentrate on certain things that I want to do! And at this moment I receive a surprise email for which I have been waiting for a month and a half now! Well, the work has to take a backseat right now and my concentration turns to Pottermore. I am finally in Rowling’s virtual universe! Yes!!

I had a wonderful start to the second year of my college, with no assignment for weeks and great changes in the college environment (I guess that’s a big euphemism!) And now, a day after my first internals got over, I am left with no time to stand and stare. [To be truthful, there is a whole lot of time to stand and stare (intentional pun-catch it!) actually- because that’s what I and my friends have been doing in the classes of the whole semester and nobody seems to be caring enough to notice that!] Anyways, thanks to some latent forces and unspoken inhalations, my friends and I are kept on going with our works and are always striving to be the best.

The TV has been tuned in to Just Dance’s Semifinal episode and the aroma of the cooked menu is attracting me towards the dinner table. And I have less than an hour’s time right now to be able to attend an online conference. And somehow after a long time, I am feeling satisfied with a blog entry- I feel I have been able to write well and I would like you to decide that. And even after being aware of the fact that use of conjunctions to start a sentence is not considered good, I am still doing that. Old habits die hard.

Well, had my net connection not failed a few minutes back, probably I would not be writing this entry right now. And would still be wondering when I would get the time to post a new entry to my blog. Since it has always been your views that have kept me going, I look forward to your comments and yes, for some TIME OUT!


  1. you are on the big..bigger platform now.keep up the hard work..n i m sure u will be on the biggest platform soon.all the best.:)

  2. No time means you are doing some real productive work. That's excellent. And that will take you to Himalayan heights. Keep up the spirit and and keep the mind occupied with creative thoughts. Creativity deserts us when it is not nourished properly. I am facing the same problem now. Being too much lethargic I seem to have lost it. I wish I should get it back. But you should never allow it to desert you. Keep writing and keep thinking laterally.


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