#150: A special milestone achieved!

Yeah, this is just another blog entry. The only difference being the fact that this is my One Hundred and fiftieth entry on this blog! You probably guessed that from the post title. So what now? Yes….time to congratulate me! :D

I wanted to make this special. And so, I decided to make this my first photo-blog (Yes, you should thank me for not getting you to read excessive rubbish this time [:D]). For this I conducted an extended photo-shoot of some of my most-priced possessions. Frankly speaking, the photo shoot turned out to be almost 2 hours long (setting up the background, fixing the three-point lighting and converting the bedroom into a studio) and of course, getting the not-so-camera shy ‘models’ ready for the shoot.

Take a look at the picture slideshow below:

Yeah, that’s my complete Harry Potter collection, some of my most priced possessions. And if you ask me ‘Why this?’ Well, today is the 7th of January 2012- exactly 7 years ago on this day and in fact at this time, I witnessed the world of Harry Potter for the very first time, which changed the course of events in the past 7 years of my life. And yeah, like Lord Voldemort, I have grown a fondness for this magical number ‘7’! (Look out, you might be my next horcrux! [:D])

 Surely you didn’t notice that Dumbledore has one of his glasses missing in the picture? Clever trick it is (if it fooled you! [:D])

I am sure you know that I want to know what you feel about my magical and extensive craziness for the world of Harry Potter. Are you a Potterhead as well?


  1. good one...but then I have been reading your bogs for long by now and this is not that standard...

    anyways I am excited for the so to come new blog entries and there vivid types..

    All the Best for the year ahead and Happy Year Ahead...

  2. Nicely written but could have been better...

    Waiting anxiously for more entries to come...

  3. @Deepak- Thanks :)
    @Pritesh- I don't deny. Actually in this post I was concentrating on the photos part and so I didn't make an effort to make the written part very good. In fact, you could call this Potter-craze! ;)
    @Anonymous- I would love to reply to you only if you let me know who you are. You say you have ben reading my blog since long, then you probably are aware that I do not reply to 'Anonymous' people! ;)

  4. i really liked the way these articles have been photographed! they look so.....professional. I wonder if that's the word i wanted to use but anyway, bhavnao ko samjho... and i do agree with "anonymous" and pritesh.


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