Film enthusiasts, I look up to your help

Being in a mass communication course at the graduate level has taught me a lot regarding the media in the past couple of years, things which probably I wouldn’t have ever dreamt of otherwise. Starting from learning that a newspaper has so many ‘named-body parts’ and how the TRP battles continue to getting to use a professional video camera for the first time and making weekly TV broadcasts, it has been a fun experience throughout. Right now, being in the final year of the course, the subjects of study are no longer what I might call ‘easy’ but they surely are more thought-provoking and expected to be studied by ‘matured’ individuals (I doubt if I can call myself one of that!)

As part of one of my subjects, Media Research, I am expected to perform a research on a topic of my choice in the media industry and submit my thesis at the end of the semester for the evaluation. Having decided early enough that my research would be something based on ‘films’, it had taken me more than a month’s time to get my topic approved and finalized. I chose to do a study on the adaptations of literary works in Indian cinema.

The topic did sound interesting. It took me another month to get some hands-on data related to it and accordingly formulate my questionnaire. I chose a relatively small sample size and chose to focus on people who fall into one of the following categories:
a. Indian film lovers/haters or people with good knowledge regarding Indian cinema.
b. Students/Faculty/Alumni of film-making institutes like FTII, SRFTI, AAFT etc.
c. Film journalists/critics/review writers etc.
d. People working in the film industry.

It may sound easy, but getting to the people in the above categories hasn’t been an easy task and over more than a week’s time, I have been able to snowball and get my questionnaire filled by hardly a hundredth of my sample size. Although these few people who have filled in, are all big-wigs in the media industry, but for a research of this size I do require more number of filled-in questionnaires. Quality and quantity both play a vital role here.

So, it is in this regard that I speak to you, dear reader- if you fall into any of the categories mentioned above then you are requested to please visit the following link and fill in the short objective questionnaire. Also, if you know somebody who might qualify, please do get them to fill the form as well or let me know about them. Click here for the link.

If you are on facebook, and if you are reading this post before the end of November, then you might like answering this survey question as well.

Do leave your comments in the section below to share your views regarding my topic. Every opinion matters here. Thank you :)


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