Buying eyeglasses online, it's fun!

About 10 days back I attended a friend’s friend’s brother’s wedding reception in East Delhi and on my return home around 2 AM, I realized I had dropped my spectacles somewhere. They were supposed to be in my shirt pocket, but now they weren't! A frantic search returned no result and I got an excuse to go for another eye-test that I had been thinking was necessary since the past few months. The eye test revealed that my eyesight had not deteriorated and it was still at the negative 0.5, the same as two and half years ago when I initially got prescribed to wear glasses. The doctor had then said that if I put glasses on now, my eyesight would be restored to normal soon and I would no longer require the glasses! Huh! That hasn’t happened yet! Anyways, that’s not the point of this post.
I tend to go crazy sometimes when I have my semester exams starting in 4 days but I am waiting for another couple of days to start studying
and also yes, when I get a new pair of eyeglasses
The next important step was getting a new pair of glasses made. My father who has recently been overly-influenced by the internet for almost all his shopping needs, and my mother, who is highly influenced by my father’s over-influence of the internet shopping (or so it seems), recommended that I check and choose a frame I liked. I had my apprehensions. The site not only provides the first-frame-free to new customers, it also allows you to use your webcam to click your picture and try various frames virtually and choose the one that suits you best. This was fascinating and so I tried it!

I chose a particular frame, this time a full-rim, considering how roughly my glasses tend to get used by me (sometimes lying in my bag, on the table, in my jeans pocket and so on, but rarely on my nose) and then proceeded to the fun part- clicking my photo and trying the frames virtually. The site also allowed me to put a credit/debit card under my nose while clicking the photo and then it would determine the size of the frame I needed as per my face size. I did get a bit confused in this part. Anyways, I had chosen the frame and put my prescription details for the lenses. I informed my father and the glasses were ordered.

Yesterday late afternoon the glasses arrived. The delivery guy let me open the package before making the payment so as to check if everything was fine. Everything was fine or so it seemed at that moment. I made the payment and spread out the contents of the package on the dining table. There were quite a few things:
  1. The outer plastic cover
  2. The lenskart cardboard box
  3. The glasses inside a plastic pouch along with a printed prescription of the lenses
  4. A Vincent Chase eyeglass cover
  5. The bill
  6. The lens authenticity card with 1 year warranty
  7. A return form and return address slip (in case I wish to return the product)

Some of the elements from the packaging
I remembered I had the top pic. So I thought I could have a similar pic from today. And so the contrast! :D
I then remembered that the lenses I ordered were photo-chromatic- they should turn dark when in sunlight. And so, I rushed out of the house and spotted just a single ray of sunlight pouring in. I held the glasses for a few seconds. No colour change! Perhaps a little more intense sunlight is required; I shall try it tomorrow, I thought. (The sun doesn’t seem to be out even today; winter is setting in!)

This was when I thought ek blog entry toh banta hai. I haven’t known even one person as of now who has ordered eyeglasses online!

PS: Now that I think about it, this looks like a complete promotion of This was surely not my intention. But now that this has become like this, I hope some lenskart guy reads this and becomes happy and provides me another pair of glasses free! Hahaha…

PPS: I just googled ‘Vincent Chase’. Turns out he is a fictional character from the HBO TV series ‘Entourage’. He fashioned various eyeglasses throughout the series!

Update: The glasses are indeed photo-chromatic. I took them out when the sun was out and stood there for a couple of minutes. They did turn dark! :)


  1. I love your frame!
    If by chance some Lenskart guys reads this..and gives you a frame for free..
    try ordering the same one that you have..and give it to me!
    It wasn't purposely made to rhyme, just so it did..I do get extra points!

    P.S if you want, i can treat you maybe!

    1. Chal done! Only iff I get it free. Till then, why dont you check out lenskart yourself? ;)
      You love my frame? Well, now you talk nerdy to me! :P

  2. Some online shopping sites are really good. During my last 5 years of experience with them I can say Lenskart, Flipkart, Homeshop18 are really very good. They take care of the customer's needs and deal with the grievances promptly. But there are cheats as well. So be careful while shopping online.
    By the way congrats for your newly acquired specks online.
    Hope the lenses are really photochromatic or else will have to pay heavily for the lapse.

    1. Yes! I took them out in the sun and stood there for 5 mins. They did turn dark! :D

  3. Hi Antarik, Good to hear about your pleasant experience and Thank you for your kind words. Just wanted to know if it's ok with you that we post an excerpt of your blog on our FB page. We are running this campaign called #AddictedToLenskart as a part of which our happy customers are sharing their experiences. We can add your testimonial to that, if you permit :)
    Or you could post yourself on our FB and Twitter pages with your pix.

    1. Hi Nidhi, I am really happy that somebody from lenskart did read the blog entry. It would be my pleasure if you quote me or use an excerpt from my blog on FB/Twitter.
      Thanks a lot for your comment :)

  4. Antarik buddy - yes we read it - @ guys at Lenskart - Can u ping me at 8860004378

    Amit - COO , Lenskart

    1. Hi Amit
      It's great to see Lenskart's COO's comment on my blog. I tried reaching you on phone, but the call went unanswered.
      Thank you so much for sparing your time to read the blog entry. :)

  5. Good that you were able to get what you really wanted and that there were no problems with the product. I shall check out the website too and see if they have something for me. :)

  6. Hahahaha... Nice one...

    Good promotion of Hehehehe...

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    eyeglasses donation


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