How about ‘investing’ Rs.300 on watching 30 'good' films this month?

Let’s face it. Be it a college student, a Saturday night filmgoer, a man taking his family out for a show, or anybody else who loves watching films, this is something we all know, accept and have thought about sometime or the other: We want to see a film, but... The ticket prices are high. Not many very good movies out there. Only once in a while a good film comes out. We wait for a couple of weeks to see the ‘new release’ and pray for a reduction in the ticket prices. We don’t want to spend extravagantly on a film. None of us are the PVR Gold Class viewers who would spend more than a 1000 bucks on a single film! We would rather go for the easiest thing- watching a pirated copy of the film. Ultimately it’s we, the cinema lovers who miss out on some good film viewing experience.

Well, now how would you react if you could actually ‘invest’ the money that you would otherwise spend on watching a film which probably you would term ‘boring’? What if you don’t spend the 300 bucks that you would have spent on one good (or probably, boring?) movie show(s), and instead use it to see more than 30 guaranteed good films by student filmmakers from across India and beyond on the big screen? Intrigued, aren’t you? At least I was when I first heard of it. Because this is possible. And this is happening:

Project Frame 14- An initiative to bring cinema close to young filmmakers and cinema lovers across the world.
First Frame 2014 would create history by being the first international students' film festival to 'crowdfund'

About Project Frame 14, let me tell you something serious and really important: 
This one's gonna go down in history! Stories will be told and shared. Anyone and everyone related to films will know about this, talk about this. And they are doing so as you read this…

Because these college students are huge cinema lovers and they are out on a mission. A mission of bringing cinema close to young filmmakers and cinema lovers across the world. And nothing is going to stop them from achieving it.

Here’s a call to you be a part of Project Frame 14. be a part of history-in-making. be a part of India's first ever international students' film festival to go for 'crowdfunding'. 

Take a look at the initiative. Come forward, do your bit. Blog about it, Spread the news, Contribute. 

And before you move to read some other and more interesting blog post, I urge you to watch the video and read all about it at the link below. All about the ‘Project Frame 14’ initiative and the concept of ‘crowdfunding’, a concept which is already on its way to revolutionize the way individuals fund their projects.

Because when you read about it in a newspaper or magazine story within the next few days, you wouldn’t be proud just because you knew about it first but because YOU HELPED CREATE HISTORY.

As for me, I am a film lover who wants to go and watch all the films that release on every Friday, or at least the best one every week. When I asked my parents if I could have a separate amount fixed each month specifically for watching movies, I was told I must reserve it from within my pocket money. No separate allowances! Well, this month I feel I would rather not spend on a couple of commercial films at the multiplex and instead ‘invest’ 300 bucks in Project Frame 14 and watch more than 30 very good films.

If 500 people contribute Rs. 300 each, these guys would make history. I have their back. What about you?


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    1. Yes. On the wishberry page (link above) click on the 'Contribute' tab on the top of the page. You shall get all the options. You can pay by net banking/credit/debit card or even by cash or cheque. There is also a cash/cheque pick-up facility in 16 Indian cities.

  2. So, when are you paying Antrik? And what about you Mr. Pramod?

    1. You will get it at the moment you need it most! Be rest assured, you will get it! Till then, let me help you get more contributors ;)


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