Top 5 Things on my Bucket List #BefikarUmarBhar

I remember I had made my first ‘bucket list’ about 3 years ago when I first understood the concept of a bucket list. Things to do before I die. I had prepared a word document and saved it on my laptop. Whenever I had something in mind, about anything that I would like to do, I would put it as another pointer in the document. I never got around to posting the list on the blog or elsewhere. If given a chance to do anything I wanted to, having no constraints of any kind, I think these are the top five things I would have on my bucket list:

1. Get Published!
I started working on a book a few years ago but never went around completing it. A lack of adequate time owing to college projects then, paused the development. And later, my laziness took over and the project still awaits revival. Yes, someday I want to get my book published and make it to the NY Times Best Sellers list.

2. Box Office Hit!
Once done with the book, the story of which would be something never-heard-before, (which would make it to the bestsellers list at the first place), I would adapt it into a film for the big screen which would ultimately go ahead to be the biggest blockbuster at the box office, loved equally by the critics and viewers, and would probably then be officially sent for the Foreign Language Category of the Academy Awards and India would have its first apna Oscar! Too far fetched…is it? :D

3. Adventure-Tour-de-World
With all this done, I would have enough popularity and fame and money. And so, I would quit all jobs, stop doing everything, buy a good video camera, go on a world adventure tour and write about it on my blog. And yes, make people around me with 9 to 5 jobs super jealous of me.

4. Cars, Planes, Trains and Cruises
On the way somewhere I would try and learn driving a car safely on the basis of skill and rely less on luck (as I do right now) :P And then may be I shall buy that Mercedes Benz model that Hrithik Roshan drives in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, drive a F1 car at one of the racing circuits (and check how much shorter I became), take all of the amazing royal train journeys in the world, know all the controls in the cockpit and pilot a commercial flight and finally take a long cruise, enjoying all the hospitality, and simply laze around.

5. Harry-forever-Potter
With all of it done, I would get back to the thing that changed my life and led me on this entire adventure- I would visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Orlando, the Leavesden Studios in London, and meet J K Rowling and get my copies of the Potter books signed. Back home, I would make a Hagrid’s Hut-type house for myself, only a lot cleaner. And if possible, get an amusement park themed around Potter, to open in India.

Hahaha…I don’t know how much possibility all these things have of happening. I sure had fun writing about them. Have you given it a thought- The top 5 things you would want to do in life if there were no constraints whatsoever?

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  1. Oh, what a cool list! :D

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  2. nice list you got Antarik. now i will make mine :D

  3. Oh bwoy! You have got such an interesting list here :P :D


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