Premiere of Told Untold- Thank you!

It had been a dream to have a screening for my film at a public place for over two years. I really never imagined that what I called the 'Premiere' of my film solely for the sake of creating a buzz, would actually become such a huge event. No wonder the guys at Kunzum said that they have never seen such a crowd at the cafe before!

The feeling still isn't sinking in that something big has happened. I think what made all the difference to me (much more than the reactions to the film) was simply YOU showing up for the show.

May be all this is just the beer speaking, (that my school friends thought was absolutely essential for the unexpected and absolutely amazing 'Afterparty' that they roped me into) but yeah, I haven't known a prouder moment in my life than seeing the houseful Kunzum cafe.

For every single person who showed up- my friends from DAV, hostel mates from DPS, batchies and juniors from MBICEM, friends from MCRC, my teachers, my guides, my friends, friends of friends, friends of my parents, friends of my sister, people I had only heard about earlier, people I didn't even know, and of course, my family- THANK YOU SO MUCH for being there.

The feeling that college is over, now finally is starting to sink in. I don't know what's next in life. Delhi or Mumbai, writing or films, good things or bad- I have absolutely no clue of anything. Things have always had a way of falling into place, and I hope they will work out even now. One thing that I am certain of is the presence of you amazing people in my life- I don't know what I would have done in any alternate situation or way-of-life. Thank you, every single one of you, for being there at all the times I needed you, for all your support, and more importantly, for being there at the times I had no clue I could do with a little help of yours.

Thank you for everything. :)

A few pictures from the eventful screening aka PREMIERE of TOLD UNTOLD:

Eagerly waiting for the premiere to begin. But then, we are in India, and we 'follow time'- Kunzum Travel Cafe

And the film is on...- Kunzum Travel Cafe

The houseful Kunzum Cafe

'Discussions with the director' Hahaha - Kunzum Travel Cafe

And my father's college mates meet after decades- Kunzum Travel Cafe

A group picture was a must at the end of it all- Kunzum Travel Cafe

And more...- Kunzum Travel Cafe

How could I not get a selfie? - Kunzum Travel Cafe
They literally had to force us out of the cafe, because we overstayed a full hour after their closing time. So the photo session had to move outdoors...

And of course, the unexpected 'afterparty' with the bestest people from school


  1. happy to see this sir.....happy to see you doing so well......aapse bhot kuch seekhne ko milta hai.....keep doing great and best of luck for your future......:-)

  2. All the best mann! That day is not far when one of the bloggers (i.e. you) will come to indiblogger meet / conference as one of the key speakers :)


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