Travel aficionados, visit the Heritage Transport Museum in Gurgaon

Wait, what? There is a Heritage Transport Museum in NCR? Where? Why have I never heard of it even after living in Delhi for so long?

These were the exact thoughts that went through my head when I read about the museum which was part of the itinerary of the Tigor Drive thismonth.

I checked their website and the first image that came to my notice was that of a rustic train engine at the entrance. I was sold! This place needed a visit right away. 

The museum is located in a huge building with collections spread across four floors over 90 thousand square feet. It chronicles the journey of transportation from the invention of the wheel to current time with special emphasis on India. Don’t be surprised if you see a plane hanging in the middle of a room or a train carriage on a platform – all vehicles have been acquired and preserved in their original state and if I may add it, grandeur.

We spotted some unique vehicles as well- Shahrukh Khan’s car from Dil to Pagal Hai, a crystal-encrusted Royal Enfield, a one-rupee coin encrusted car, multi-coloured auto-rickshaw, and so on. Being a train lover, my personal favourite was the luxurious Jodhpur Saloon of the Bombay Baroda and Central India Railway.

Too vintage?

Reminds me of 'Recess'

And that's my grandfather's scooter. Well, the model.
There is an audio tour you can take which will guide you through each and every exhibit with historic details. There is also a souvenir shop with a variety of collectibles and a library. 

If you are a transport lover, there is no way you can miss this 4 year old museum. Sheldon Cooper will go crazy here!

The Museum is located Off NH-8 in the Bilaspur-Taoru Road about 50 kms from the airport. It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 7 pm. Further details are available on their website.

Have you been to the museum? Know of any other such interesting museum in India or abroad? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. Good to see through your lens again.
    Your twitter handle isn't connected to the posts?

    1. Thank you Indrani.
      Yes, Twitter is. Unless you mean something else that I am not able to figure out.

  2. My plans to go here have failed 8 times so far. This makes me want to try for a 9th time ;)

  3. Never heard of it myself in spite of living here for such a long time! It looks beautiful.

    1. It indeed is. Do visit it sometime. It was a lucky discovery :)


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