At Hostel (From 14th July 2008 to 1st August 2008 with breaks)

I was going to leave for the hostel on 6th but due to some health problems (including vomittimg and loose motion), I finally reached their on 14th evening.

On 3rd July, I talked for the first time to my roommate, who is in my section. On 9th he took me to our room (just visiting) and I met my other roommate there.

The food is just बढिया here. Almost every day we have some different variety of paneer.
Internet lab facility for hostellers started on 21st. I am allowed to use the Internet lab (I-lab) from 3-4 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. I am given my cellphone on Tuesdays and Fridays alone. If I leave for home, then I have the phone till Sunday evening.

Now I am actually learning to dance! I am enjoying it. None of my old friends believed it. Nothing is impossible.


  1. wow mujhe jalan ho rahi hai tere naseeb par , tujh par , aur tere sab kuchh par

  2. yyoouu...............ddaannccee. I could almost not dance. If you are learning to dance now, maybe it is never late and of course, never IMPOSSIBLE.


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