First month at School

Here are some randomly collected memories/facts/experiences (From 3rd July 2008 to 1st August 2008):
There is no regular morning assembly at this school!!!
The Library here is just awesome। I am registered in the Senior Library. There are two others: Middle School Library and Junior Library. The Middle School one is the best as far as looks are concerned… I have not yet visited the Junior Library.
I have started bunking classes here since the very first days। Can you guess which one?? The Physical Education or the Games period। No other period.
My English teacher is the HOD and I found her very humorous, right from the first class।

The Chemistry practical periods are a nice chaos (or a market as termed by my teachers at my old school)। We have been performing the Anion analysis test for 4 periods now! In the 2nd class, I got Potassium permanganate spilled over the left arm of my labcoat. It is not coming out. My practical teacher said: Agar ye sab accidents nahi honge to saal ke end me pata kaise chalega ki lab me kaam kiye ho??

I have joined the Environment Club (aka CEEC i।e. Council for Environmental Education for Children) on 8th July. The meetings are quite boring but still I like them.

I applied for the post of Vice-President of the CEEC on 9th July। I included a copy each of the Save Paper and the crackerless diwali articles I had written two years back. On 15th I had an interview with a panel of 5 teachers regarding it. It went very well. Everyone was talking so informally. I think I will get selected. On 22nd, the shortlisted selection list arrived. I am not selected. On 25th, I had a surprise interview with the Principal and the Vice-Principal. By mistake, my name was not printed in the list. Now I am anxiously waiting for 4th August, for the final selection list to come out.

I am liking C++ programming very much now। I am able to write some very complicated programs very easily.

We have a SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) period every week. For this we have one teacher for 1 month. In July we had the Psychology teacher of our school entertaining us. She is the school counsellor too. One period was spent on Time-management, another on relaxing-exercise and so on.
We are getting some assignments. Till now, two from Maths (AP and GP) and one from Chemistry (Stoichiometry).
I was made the display board incharge for my class on the 1st day at school. Work on it was finally underway on 18th. As of 21st, everyone (this includes me and 3 others) is now working seriously on the display boards. On 24th, a friend and I painted our palms and stamped on one of the display board charts. On 1st August, finally all 4 boards were ready.
I went for a check-up at the school clinic on 23rd. The doctor is a Punjabi and some years back she was in Berhampur.
On 24th, we had our first house meeting. I am in Sutlej house. The other houses are Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Jamuna and Ganges. A bit of prayer and discussions, thats all.
On 28th, I had my first Monday Test. Chemistry. I was not at all well prepared. I might lose around 20% marks. It was just a devastation. On 4th August I am having my Computers Monday Test: I am not at all worried about it. But almost all my friends are. Reason?? They don’t learn Computers in their coaching and don’t feel it to be an important subject.
OK…That’s all for now. One whole month in brief. Please don’t forget to leave your comments.