12 December- The D-Day

Well, I said I would make a separate post for this special day and for those who do not have an idea why this was a special day let me tell them, 12 December is my birthday since the last 17 years. You might think, what birthday one can celebrate with chickenpox. But...Read on to find out...
The day started, as usual, at 12 midnight. Quite many people were calling me at that time but I was not keen on picking up the phone. I kept it on silent. I wanted to talk to mama first. She called and wished me at 12:08 AM and I was very happy. I took my best friend's call next and tried to give some bahana but I think he was not satisfied. (Sorry, Now you know why)

Now wait a moment, I need to get the list of special people who wished me that day. All have been classified in groups below. Please have a look. (No problem if you (don't)know none of them)

First of all: Antarik, that's me :-)

Family: Mama, Aunty, Prem, Miku, Uncle, Papa, Aja, Ayee, Mausi, Mausa, Mamu, Maein, Som, Nana, Sonu, Maa, Kuni, Pinky.

From the Good old Place: Rakesh, Akhil, Pratyasha, Anjali, Somya, Ankita, Anjali Madam, Rout Madam, A R Panda Madam.

From the Nice new one: Somya, Amrit, Siddharth, Venkatesh, Rahul bhaiya, Meena Aunty, Vimi Aunty, Anju Bhasin Aunty.

And a bit late: Bindu Madam, Bansal Aunty, Abhishek.

A total of 38 distinguished personalities!!
Thank you to all of you for making my day so special.

And yes, a very very special wish from my sister, Pinky. Thank you!!

Now think... Could your birthday have been better? Even if you didn't have a cake or you couldn't go out, you have people from all over the country calling (may be for the first time) to wish you. Wouldn't everyone want that everyone should remember one's birthday. Atleast I wanted. And I got my best gift ever: love and best wishes from everyone.

Someone has correctly said: Distance strengthens relationships. (If no one said this, then I am saying it!!)

Do tell me, wouldn't you want your birthday to be like this (You can ofcourse remove the chickenpox episode!!)??? Now smile....


  1. I had not read this entry earlier. May be I missed it because of the tension at that time. I am glad that you value relationships so much. Six years have gone by since this entry was written. Hope you continue to be your old self.

    1. In some ways yes, and in some ways I have learnt to be better n these 6 years. Thanks for the comment Papa :)


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