2008 & ME: Part 2

11 May: I was returning from my tuitions and mid-way the petrol ran out!!

15 May: My sister is to be taken to Vellore due to her deteriorating conditions & the much awaited Admission details arrive at DPS RKP site.

(Some of the dates from here onwards have entries specially made for themselves, so you can check out those days for complete details. I have linked some of these, for your convenience, but for the rest please have a look at the archive. Thank you for your patience.)

17 May: What a dream! :-)

18 May: Left Sambalpur for an indefinite period.

19 May: Saw an airport for the first time ever and my parents and sister for the last time till more than 108 days!

21 May: My sister had the first operation in her life.

29 May: A nightmarish sleepless night results in 94.2% marks in the tenth boards!

30 May: A devastation! Don't ask me why. (You won't find an entry for this day, Sorry)

4 Jun: Travelled by train, alone, for the first time ever!

5 Jun: Visited my school for the last time in the year! I hope 2009 takes me back there.. I want to meet everyone!

8 Jun: I got my own personal mobile phone!

9 Jun: Shocking news! All dreams about ___ since 8 May 2007, shattered!

10 Jun: I was selected for admission at DPS VK.

11 Jun: Left Orissa, never to see it again in whole of 2008!

12 Jun: Reached my future destination!

13 Jun: My blog at its original site came into existence.

14 Jun: So many firsts...NCERT, Ambience, JNU, annnnnd....

16 Jun: Saw my going-to-be school.

17 Jun: Finally, got admission..

22 Jun: First ever visit to an international airport and did he say, I was lucky?

24 Jun: Got hostel accomodation request.

25 Jun: Confusion Tension in my mind, not any way to think.

30 Jun: Happy Anniversary Papa and Mama and ...

1 Jul: This blog moved to its current location.

2 Jul: 1st day at my new school at a new place. (My 1st month there)

14 Jul: Went to my new residence! (Check out my life there, here)

15 Jul: My first-ever real interview at school for post-selection. Eventually I became the Vice-President of the CEEC.

28 Jul: My first exam in 11th. Didn't go very well.. Worse was still on its way.

2 Aug: Went to Narayana IIT Academy for the first time! I hope that wasn't a mistake!

4 Aug: Got the good news about CEEC.

9 Aug: My new teachers at my new school are impressed by me: First PTM in school.

10 Aug: Something I thought that was not possible, happened today: I danced!

13 Aug: Investitures!

16 Aug: First Delhi Metro Ride on Raksha Bandhan.

20 Aug: The worst test of the year. Failed in Physics.

25 Aug: Sent my card to teachers at my old school.

So, that's it for now... Wait for the final part, coming tomorrow...