2008 & ME: The year in brief- Part 3

The final part is here. Sorry, I delayed it a bit...

3 - 9 Sep: With papa after 106 days and...

9 Sep: Failed in some Test, first time ever.

17 - 26 Sep: Exams...!

5 Oct: Met Sanskrit Sir, here. Very happy: both he and me.

11 Oct: Someone suggested me to do English Honours as I have interest in the subject, unlike everyone here.

24 Oct: My first train journey, alone, starts to Vellore.

25 Oct: Saw Mama and my sister after 158 days! Very happy!

26-31 Oct: In Vellore and then in Bangalore, with my family.

1 Nov: Didn't feel good the whole day. I didn't want to leave. Didn't tell anything to anyone. Left for Delhi.

10 Nov: Winter uniform and timings at school.

27 Nov: Came to know about the Terror attacks!

2 Dec: Something dreadful happenned in the last few days. Came to know about it today.

5 Dec: Met some important personalities from CBSE.

9 Dec: Fever and headache.

10 Dec: Oh no! Chickenpox!!

12 Dec: My most memorable birthday.

25 Dec: My hometown trip scheduled today, stands cancelled. Thanks to chickenpox!

27 Dec: Delhi Darshan starts. Trip to Akshardham (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

31 Dec: The year ends.