Delhi Darshan Day 7- Purani Dilli

We (My Uncle, Aunty, Prem and Mickey(thir two children) and me) set out for Delhi Darshan Day 7 at noon. We went straight to Patel Chowk Metro Station, parked our car there and because we wanted to have a metro-ride, we visited the Metro museum and then travelled by metro to Chandni Chowk Station. After getting out of the underground metro we went straight to Red Fort, that too in a ricksaw. (If you are coming to Old delhi then how can you miss the ricksaw ride?) Red Fort seemed bigger than I imagined and saw in pictures! After a quick stroll through the fort and some snaps of the mughal throne, we went to the renowned Chandni Chowk's Haldirams for a quick lunch. Looking through the many alleys of Chandni Chowk we finally found the one we were looking for: The paranthe wali gali. Ever imagined a kele ka parantha or a bhindi ka parantha? They are all available there! So so many varieties! Next we went through Kinari Bazar for some diwali-decoration-ke-liye-shopping and landed at the cracker stalls! And even after my so much insisting, no one paid any attention to my words and bought so many crackers!! Next we went (again by ricksaw) to Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India and then were on our way back to Patel Chowk Station. We took our car reached home at 7.30 evening.

The complete trip was an yesterday-night planned trip and was successful!

I am now waiting for another chance to visit this beautiful place (Chandni Chowk!!) once again and relive the medieval Delhi! How about a lemon-parantha this time?

P.S.: I will post some nice pics of the place as soon as I lay my hands on them!