The Exhibtion- Till Day 1

On 5th October, we got the details of the National Level CBSE Science Exhibition venue and dates. It was to be held in Bal Bharti Public School(BBPS), Pitampura, New delhi on 22nd-23rd October 2009.

We had been working on enhancing our exhibit presentation with the help of a model, the idea for which was my friend Muskan's. It took almost one month and by 21st, all was set.

On 21st, Aishwarya, Aarushi and S K Das Sir (The bio-project team) and Jerry and I (Himani maam couldn't come) went to the venue to get ourselves registered and to put up the things (charts etc).

Now extracts come straight from my diary:

22nd Oct. '09

"Reached school at 7.30. Went to I-lab for some last-minute print-outs. Unsuccessful attempt. Went to Himani maam. Maths Lab keys were in Hemlata maam's (The Head of Dept.) locker. She was late. Finally got model. Jerry was late. He reached. Got print-out from Admission Office. Reached bus. Das Sir was no where to be found. Finally after a verbal arghument on whether to go by bus or van, we left school at 8.30 by bus. (We should have reached by 8.30!! The inauguration was at 8.30!!) After traffic jams and taking wrong routes(none of us knew the way!! Not even the driver!!) many many times, we finally reached BBPS at 10. Rushed to take our places. Got everything ready as fast as we could. Thankfully, the chief guest, HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, was late. Maam and Jerry went to the Auditorium for the Inauguration ceremony. I made a flowchart in powerpoint abt mathematical modeling. Maam was impressed. We made a gsp file for the swine flu cell picture also, as an extension to our project. The judge finally arrived near us at 3.30 PM. The judge was the same person as on our 2nd day of regional level (18.08.09). He said, he remembered this project very well and asked us to show only what improvement we had done. We thanked God that we had put the swine flu cell pic at the very last minute! Overall it seemed ok. Lets see what happens tomorrow!! Returned at 4 pm leaving Himani maam at her residence in Dwarka. Reached hostel at 5.45 pm. A tiring day truely!! All the best for tomorrow!!"

The Exhibition Day 2 and the final result---coming soon!!

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