12 December 2009: My 18th!!

Ummmmm.....straight from my diary even this time:

"I have been waiting for this day since years!! Finally...Happy 18th
Birthday!! Now I am an Adult!!

Mama called and wished 5 minutes before 12. Said I
was going to get busy soon, so she called first.

12 o' clock and Birthday.... B'day pe
wishes, B'day pe bumps, B'day pe holi etc etc...hehehe...
Bumps were not as bad as expected. Bucket filled with cold water, surf, powder,
shaving foam all on me (just imagine my situation: in the wintry chilly December
night at Delhi!! Wow...I made a good rhyme...hehe...). As a result, I had to
take bath at 12.30 AM...just imagine....and this was only the 1st bath of the
Wishes from Siddharth, Amrit, Venky, Love, Mayang
and every junior in the hostel + Shilpa, Vidisha, Lakshita, Rakesh, Pallabi,
Prateek, Somya Vats, Manav, Aunty, Mausa, Mausi, Lise, Pinky and Rohit bhaiya.
Slept around 2.30 am.

Woke up at 7.30 am. Took bath (2nd time). Got ready.
Wishes from Uncle, Aja, Ayee, Nana, J J Bapa,
Kuni, Sonu, Maa, Ankita, Bindu madam, Prem, Miku, Saswat, Mala Aunty, Dhruv,
Pratyasha and Somya.
Aunty finally reached with cake around 11 am. Had
cake cutting and face-painting + Harpic Toilet Cleaner on head. What next?
Yeah....you guessed it right... Took bath for the 3rd time...
Wishes from Vivek, Shakti, Rahul bhaiya, Ranjeet, Muskan, Prerana and

At 6.10PM, Papa finally called and wished. I was born at 6.15pm. So he
wished me at the exact time. Wishes from Nana, Swati, Aditya, Saundarya, Asif,
Chavi, Siddharth.

I think I expected calls from many more people today. But...koi baat
nahi...My 18th Birthday was special in many many ways-- the most special one: My
first birthday away from home with my best friends.

Thank you everyone who made my special day much more special for me."

Ummm....have a look at the photos of the D-day:

Having problems viewing the slide show? Visit this link: B'day.
Many more thanks go to all those who remembered but remembered late...And ofcourse all those wishes on facebook and orkut....thank you so much.....


  1. Hey Dude was i really so late?????? mera naam itna baad mein????? i called u at 00:11 naa...tab tak itne saare log wish kar chuke the?????? ohkk...now m miss late lative( tere room ka asar)......any ways i also wished u at 6:15......nd i thnk a big mistake.....it was ur 2nd bde widout ur family mnz Mama nd Papa.........???? i hope it was nth times better dan d Murgi Pox bday!!!! Nd i found it interesting dis time......

    Accuracy: NO COMMENTS
    Fluency: NO COMMENTS
    Sayad 3rd 1 Contents :Mast......sirf 3 times nahaya....it shud b 30.............HAHAHAHAH!!!!

  2. saale........tu mujhe bhul gaya kya............ :(

  3. bhulunga kyun??? your name is very well thr!! dekh dekh...:)

  4. Your description of your great great day was really great.

    So, you were in ORKUT before you were 18!!! Of course, they donot ask for your birth certificate!!!

  5. Pappu happy belated birthday, no you are still not an adult, you are still a teenager, you act like one too. Take care. Dada

  6. a li'l late 2 comment or actually vey late!!!! bt srsly bhaiya!!!! u've written a simple bt a senti poem!!!
    keep goin!! ;) ;)


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