2009: The Year of My Experiments with Life.

Well....its that time of the year again...A time to bid adieu to the many sweet and bitter memories as well as a time to welcome a new decade, with its new hopes and joys and experiences!!

Over the last few days, every nerwspaper is carrying newsbits like The Year in Review, The Decade that was, etc etc... With my own experience of one such news (2008 & me: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3: Get the link frm the sidebar), I bring to you my year in review...So ladies and gentlemen, please put uyour hands together for 2009: The Year of My Experiments with Life...

1 Jan: Happy new Year. My Delhi Darshan continues with Day 2 visits to Delhi Zoo and Purana Qila boating.

2 Jan: Garden of 5 Senses- Garden kam, lovers' point zaada..

3 Jan: On the coldest day of the season in Delhi, I was at the Rashtrapati Bhavan for Nature Trail..

13 Jan: My first Lohri celebration.. At hostel..

21 Jan: Goodbye coaching..My last day at Narayana..What a paralytic attack it was in the van!!

26 Jan: Republic Day parade at Rajpath..LIVE..Surely there is a better view on TV..

30 Jan: The D-day..We had all been waiting for..Made all preparations for the hostel farewell...It was a grt hit!

31 Jan: Saw the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire..Didn't feel it deserved an Oscar!!

16 Feb: Padhai time...11th ke finals...A truely testing time...

1 Mar: Delhi Darshan Day 5: Mughal Gardens...Didn't match my expectations!!

5 Mar: Results out!! I barely managed to pass in a few subjects!!

6 Mar: IIT? Why not NID?

9 Mar: My beloved phone!! Thank you doggie!!

21 Mar-13 Apr: Our seniors leave the hostel...

31 Mar: First school trip sponsored by the Environment Council to the Aravali Biodiversity Park...

10 Apr: Oh Shit!! :-(

15 Apr: Hostel Premier League begins..

20 Apr: DAV Felicitation at Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh.. Met my friends and teachers after almost a whole year..

Well...that's it for now....This was just the part 1...The next two parts, coming soon...really very soon...Till then....Happy New Year...