2009: My Experiments Continue...(Part II)

Its the new year already...So Happy New Year everyone!!

4 May: Our first (and may be the last) hostel trip toi Ambience Mall, Gurgaon...Monsters vs Aliens...hehe...

18 May: Thank you so much for the visit!

22 May: Entered Orissa after 343 days...

27 May: My very-own ATM card comes to life...

2 May: Farewell to my phone.

8 & 20 Jun: Went to my school after more than a year...So many happy faces!!

24 Jun: Sambalpur: The hottest place in the country...Where's the monsoon??

7 Jul: Returned to hostel...Cheerful faces awaited me...

8 Jul- 12 Aug: Juniors arrive at the hostel...What an unforgettable time!! So sweeeeet memories!

16 Jul: Half-Blood Prince released! Although I was in Delhi, I haven't seen the movie yet!

31 Jul: Tree Plantation Drive by ONGC. Shiela Dikshit was just a few ten-centimetres away from me and I still couldn't interact with her!! My first view of a VVIP!

7 Aug: 18th May--was it faked?

12 Aug: I was finally selected as the President of the Enviroinment Council of my school.

13 Aug: CEEC trip to Vigyan Bhavan. My first close view of the President of India!

16-18 Aug: CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition at Amrita Vidyalayam, Saket. Our project on Mathematical Modeling and its Application in the Treatment of Cancer did get selected for the Nationals!

Well...that is it for Part 2...Part 3 coming even faster, with much more interesting bits of news....Thank you for your patience....


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