Aal iz Well -n- Aal iz Well- Director's Cut

Well, well, well.. I don't think I need to tell what I am going to write about here... It must have become quite clear from the Title to this post.. No??? Oh Shit! (That reminds me of one hilarious incident, but I think I can come back to that some other time!!) Well, for all those idiots who can't figure it out still, by Aal iz Well, I mean the movie "3 Idiots"!! But.....beware....

SPOILER WARNING: If you still haven't seen the movie and don't want to spoil your experience, I would suggest you not to read further and would request you to come back here as soon as you see it and then read this till the end!

At a budget of 45 crores, a producer earns 385 crores in just 4 weeks and the movie becomes the highest grossing hindi movie ever made! And the numbers are still set to grow! Ohhh....okay...I know this is boring, but that's the statistics! Okay, alright you know it!

Raju Rastogi (not Aman) and Farhan Qureshi (not Hari) enter the ICE (why not IIT?) as first year engineering students and there and then begins their new journey with a different destination as they meet Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad (a.k.a. Rancho and many more a.k.a.'s...!!) (and not Ryan)... Rancho's a guy who is going to change their lives forever...They would never ever be the same again (What a deviation from the book, I'm referring to 'Five Point Someone', ofcourse!!) !! Well, I think that's enough! I am not going to tell the complete story, you can read that anywhere! This is supposed to be a Director's Cut...so....its time for personal views...

After 25th December, whenever I met anyone who had seen 3 Idiots, there was just one comment, "Tune 3 Idiots nahi dekha to kya dekha?" And I used to say, "Don't worry..Dekh lunga as soon as I get a chance!!" And finally today after a wait of one whole month, I saw it! Everyone said that it is a must-see.. And after seeing it, even I say the same.. In fact, in today's India Aal iz "surely not" Well.. Are koi Education Minister ko ye movie dikhao!!

One of the most senti movies, should I say? May be... If Taare Zameen Par had the potential to wet all mummys eyes, then 3 Idiots can make good friends weep really very easily!! May it be because of "I Quit", the background score or at all those innumerable instances where I could easily identify myself with one of the characters, the director was able to make sure that its audience, which is full of idiots, wipes out tears. After seeing this movie if I meet Rajkumar Hirani, I would surely say "Jahanpanah, tussi really great ho!!" The path he carved for Munnabhai, has led to this highway for Rancho. With his hilarious, chamatkari and unexpected comedy-sequences, Hirani has yet again managed to produce one of the most finest movies Bollywood has ever seen!

And did any of you notice a grave mistake in the movie? Mona Singh who plays the role of Kareena's elder sister is in one scene addressed as Poonam and in all subsequent scenes, she is Mona!!

After seeing the movie, I could make out one more thing..Why Chetan Bhagat was angry with the director and Aamir Khan...well, this may not be the actual reason, but still you can read it! (Free advice de raha hun, lena hai to lo, nahi to nahi!) Do you remember Rancho's dialogue when he is first summoned to Virus's office? No? Okay, here it goes...just for you.. "...something, something, something and then "yahaan par bache aakar kya karte hain? Pehle engineering, phir MBA aur phir US jaake bank mein naukri" ....something, something, something..." Those of you who have read Chetan Bhagat will know what I am referring to! Two years ago wasn't he (an engineer and MBA) working in Hong Kong, in a bank? Well, that's completely my personal view! What do you think?

Overall, I would say this is a movie for everyone in some sense or the other. For idiots (Chaturs, in particular) who find it difficult to chase their dreams... For the idiots' much more idiotic pressurizers who even after 60 years of India turning a republic fail to think beyond the conventional career options... For the education system of the country which prevents you from imagining and keeps pushing you towards rote-learning... The list goes on and on and on... Didn't Robert Frost choose the path less travelled by?

Its high time now. Success kaa picha mat karo. Excellence ka picha karo aur success khud tumhe pakadne bhagegi.

And if you are still wondering why I have Aal iz Well twice in the title, it is because I saw 3 Idiots twice in a span of 8 hours, after an eager wait of 1 whole month!!

So finally what do you think? Are you an idiot? (Dil idiot hai pyaar se usko samjha le....hehe..!)

And what an idiot I am to be sitting in front of my PC at 4 in the morning and typing my blog post!


  1. wow really a very gr8 review of d movie
    and one mor thing , how cud u see a movie so minutely, i mean i nevr do dis...and yes chetan bhagat must've got angry 4 tat reason only...and mona's nick name wud be poonam...who knows?
    and i must say d mindset of sum people wud not change even u show dis kind of movie to dem 100 times!!!

  2. A great Review. Keep it up, I mean the writing skill. Things do change but slowly. Do not expect things to change overnight. The very fact that somebody has written such a novel and somebody else made a film out of it are sure shot harbingers of chgange. Above all young boys like you are thinking about the chage--- it is more than enough to chane the society. Just be positive and do a bit more than mere thinking. A good change is definitely in the offing.
    Every tomorrow a better tomorrow.

  3. Really nice review.......indeed a thorough review. I saw the movie today and planning to buy the DVD. Change is the only thing constant in life. And change is the most difficult thing for any human being. So you need to have patience.
    About Mona, I too noticed. I feel Poonam could be her other name. I hope you know this. There is no more issues between Rajkumar Hirani & Amir Khan, and Chetan Bhagat. Everything is settled. In fact news is Chetan Bhagat has bought a hugh bunglow next to Amir's bunglow. So they are neighbours now.
    Keep ur good work. You will see the difference. But at the same time, let's not forget our immediate priorities and responsibilities.

  4. If you have written it out of your own mind I am sure you can be a good critic and director in Bollywood or Hollywood. Follow your heart and go for EXCELLENCE. Success will definitely follow you. I am with you and will definitely help you, within my limited understanding, to excel in your chosen path. But you need to clear the +2 exams to march ahead.
    Blame the conventional education system prevalent in the society today. But We just can't change it overnight. When in Rome you have to behave like a Roman. That's the real "samajhdari".
    I am proud of you.

  5. This was seriously a very exciting and non-idiotic review.. But I found a mistake, it is Alok in the book..not Aman..

  6. Great Yogesh! How did you manage that?

    Thanks Mr Goutam, you finally visited and commented!

    Thanks for that Pallabi. That was a serious mistake on my part!

  7. HEy...I just found another mistake I made, in the part where I have written about Chetan Bhagat.. Rancho's delivers that dialogue in a scene in CP while talking to Pia about Suhas!

  8. wow...man...!! i dnt blve it..!!!YE TUNE LIKHA HAI...????!!!:)..hehe...!nyc nyc...WAY TO GO....ROOOMIE..!!!

  9. nice yaar
    honestly speaking u r actually one of us.... an idiot

    wht u wrote is something tht i feel too.... but obviously u pourd it out betr than i culd have.....


    GR8!!! HAAN, GENIUS MIND!!!!
    n well bout bhagat i thnk ur rite 2 sum xtent!!!
    n mona singh vali thn bhi, i dn thnk ne bdy mst have noticed!! :D :D :D

  11. Well I missed this entry somehow...but it was worth reading now! Loved the Chetan Bhagat wala co-relation. Symbolizes your keen observance!

  12. I guess I havent replied to so many of the comments above bcuz I was in the hostel without internet connectivity then.. Anyways, thanks for your views everyone :)


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