Girls...God's Most difficult creation!

An entry about my friends at the DPS VK Girls’ Hostel…that’s what this is going to be about! Some people have been anticipating this entry since long!!
I am thinking about going with this entry in a different manner…not the way I usually write…and also because it is actually difficult to write about girls!! You need to think ten times before you write anything!! Anything can hurt anybody without you even getting to know why! Don’t know what goes on in their minds!! Hehe… No offence!! :-)
Let me start the story with Himani Maam. My class teacher in 11th, she had already assigned the various tasks to each of us that we were going to do in class… I, along with 3 of my classmates, Anish, Sanya and Vidisha, had got the task of putting up the display boards… So that was the reason I approached these new friends and on 3rd July 2008, (Thursday, 8th period, P.E.), in the footpath leading towards the reception, I talked to Vidisha and Sanya about what we were planning to do… It was then that I got to know Vidisha was a hosteller…
Investiture practice time (9th-12th August 2008)…heard someone’s name being called, Prerana Das…Das?? Could she be an Oriya or a Bengali? Decided to find out! So in the PE field, that was the first conversation with Prerana and I got to know that she was Assamese! It was quite late when we both realized that we shared the same dwelling place!
Mere class mein bhi do girls hostellers hain: Lakshita and Mahak, Lakshita Bareilly se hai and computer mein genius hai aur Mahak Narayana mein hai”, said Siddharth in B-303 sometime during the year…so that was the first introduction about these two girls that I got…Can’t recall when I first talked to them!
Farewell practice time…Boys-n-Girls juniors ki secret meetings…D-block lounge…early-January 2009…”We don’t know any of you except Prerana, Lakshita and Vidisha”…”Don’t worry, you will get to know all of us by the Farewell time”…OK…So, by farewell time we did get to know everyone…not everyone actually! It was everyone’s name that we got to know!! With just a few conversations with all (and none with some) we did work well towards a successful farewell! And after that? I don’t think I ever had any kind of conversation with anyone except may be some “hi/hello” or “how was the exam?” So that brings me back to the three with whom I actually had some good amount of talks!!
We reached 12th…Texting at its height! And then 4th April! Congrats! But…Prerana, remember the fright Venky, Sid and you gave me when I returned from outing on 5th, without any knowledge of 4th??!! Seriously…that was a very well-planned April Fool’s joke which I made successful with my stupid understanding! Well, I guess I was the first one to call Prerana, a bhabhi, thanks to Sid’s bet! Hehe…
And the time flew by…Classes…Summer hols…Mid-Terms etc etc… And then 12-C became the new hub for almost all the hostel-seniors! And some girls hostel ke juniors as well! That was my introduction to Aakriti, Harmanpreet, Tejaswita, Isheeta and Ananya, although I myself did not have any kind of conversation with them till quite late! I had heard quite a lot about Harman from none other than ___...ok, I won’t say the name! ‘He’ may not like it! (Haha…lolz!!) Ananya was very soon our new bhabhi and Aakriti a bit later! Isheeta was soon Love’s behna and Tejaswita? I guess, I first talked to her properly only on my last visit to DPS VK on 31st March 2010 in front of the 2nd floor water cooler!
The months passed by and I had very little conversation with everyone, may be due to my self-obsessed nature! Vidisha, being my section-mate, we did have quite many talks! And of course I remember some can-never-be-forgotten talks! Haha…4th September- remember Vidisha and Love? I don’t think I should describe it here…In Vidisha’s very own words (taken from my diary) - “Then the stupid 4th Sept. thing happened, I was irritated…you were depressed…” And Lakshita- I guess the start and end of all problems was the cell-phone!! 8th Aug: I sent that stupid angry message concerning my prac file… Jan 2010: The Sanskrit message from Sid’s phone!! (I know you were impressed with the Sanskrit, Lakshita!!) I should actually thank my stars that she was calm and did not make a huge issue out of it! (Well, actually I’m still waiting for the ‘suppressed anger’ that was soon going to be a comment on my blog!! Hehe…). A line from Prerana’s entry in my diary set me thinking, “You just didn’t seem like a hostler- if I elaborate, others will get offended. He! He!” Still don’t know what that means!
14th December and 27th January…two new bhabhis!! Both could have been months ago!! Love and Siddharth ko kitna samjhaya tha sabne!! But woh toh “Yaar, hum bas achche dost hain!!” Haha…Finally at least both of them realized!!
With the dusk of March, we all left the Kingdom of Heaven… But thanks to facebook we are still in touch! And thanks to the cell phone network and facebook again I recently had talks with others as well…Kritika (about the architecture thing), Mahak (an exam every other day!) and Mahak (talked for the first time since we hosted the 2009 farewell)! There are still others (Priya, Nivedita, Vartika, Surbhi and Richa) who I am yet to get-to-know and strike a conversation with! And I fear to write even the name of the 12th one! Haha… (No offence again!)
And for all those of you, who expected that I would write more, let me inform you that I am writing this entry again after the original one got deleted with my computer’s great crash around 15 days back! And as I have already mentioned…it is indeed difficult to write about girls!
So now it’s your turn…leave your comments! Tell me if you liked it or not or if you expected more! And do “FOLLOW” my blog, perhaps another entry about you might find its way to your inbox directly! :)


  1. hahahahahahahahaha....funny!!!! and welll...i still wnt elaborate!! :p :P 1 indeed... im sure seep feels left out!
    *thumbs up*

  2. hey dunno wat u wrote abt girla here????
    u juz wrote abt ur xperiences wid dem n nt abt dem,.....

    Ya fir m nt able to get it...
    coz i wont understand 99% of thngs coz i wasnt in delhi...

    waise watever u wrote was nice!!!

  3. wow..!! :D

    nice yaar ..its all so refreshing takes us back to that time when i ws frendzz wid lucky and mahak and sidd and was updated on all the hostel gossips regularly ...


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