The parallel is the intersection somewhere around?

Three years back, on 7th May 2007, I got to know about DPS RK Puram. And since that very day, the institute became my dream school for studying in 11th. I got all possible info about the school from its website and by contacting many of its ex-students over orkut! A year later, I got my 10th board results, the sole criteria of admission into the school. 94.2%... I was pretty sure I was going to get into the institute...but luck didn't favour me...I stayed back 0.1% of marks!!

One and a half months back, I applied for Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID). I appeared for the entrance (thankfully board result is no criteria here as I am expecting a dreadful score in that!) on 2nd May. And on 15th, I got my scorecard: 96/150. I got in touch with some students (over facebook and orkut) of SID and they said it was a pretty good score. After going through all the information available on the net and what I got to know from the SID students, now SID has become my dream institute. I was dreading for a RKP type situation last night and couldn't sleep before 5 in the morning, only to find myself awake at 8! Thankfully I got selected for the Studio Test and interview. But I am still afraid.....History repeats itself....doesn't it??


  1. SHUT UP!!!!

    Bada aaya history repeat karne!!!

    Wow!! ur children will find ur name in their history book!!!

    History mein naam ki kami nahi hai.....plz,aur naam mat badha!!!!

  2. U will get thru!!!
    M sure!!

  3. @Pinky- Naam aayega toh achcha hai...people will have a really gud tym in remembering my name!! HEHE....:p

    @akash- Well, i did get thru!! :) :)

  4. but sumone said, a book cannot be judged by itz cover!!

  5. every one has ideas
    every one has feelings
    every one knows how to write
    every one can open a blog
    ..........but it is indeed great
    ......that all criteria are fulfilled here
    ..........keep it up
    ......great job


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