12 things that I do when I have nothing to do

Here are the top 12 things that I do when I have nothing to do. I have noticed this over the last 5-6 days!

1. Watch Harry Potter movies
2. Write/Design Blog
3. Play Midtown Madness
4. Get addicted to City Ville
5. Refresh the facebook home page every other minute hoping to see a new notification
6. Spend 5-6 hours on facebook each day chatting
7. Download movies via torrent
8. Get tensed about missing classes in college
9. Check phone for that non-existing new SMS
10. Think about all that’s going on in life
11. Talk/Video chat on phone/skype/gtalk/Y! Messenger
12. Sleep….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………..

Now I wonder, if I do so many things, then how do I have nothing to do??

P.S.: Do leave your comments and let me know how many of the above things you do when you have nothing to do. And are there some other unique activities that you do??


  1. 5,9

    10 is sumthng i do round the clock...12 is wich i want 2 do 24*7

    next time wen u shout at me for doing sumthng wich u dont do...think as many times as u can(shud b mre than 2)...coz u gonna do that same thng sumday...nd gonna like it a lot...present example: playing in FB...and apne past pr thoda dhyan de...aur v examples milenge...


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