The Word "SmaaaeeeeeeLL"

Existence/Occurence: No, there is no such word in the dictionary. But yes, the word is not wrong! People, who have pronounced it, will know that it is correct!

Pronunciation: It is a modified and extended form of the English word ‘Smile’. Pronounced as: Smaa-ee-L. (I tried to insert an audio file, but wasn’t possible)

Used by: (The people in the following slide show!)

Used why: Haha…no idea!!

Used when:

1. Instead of ‘hello’ on phone.
2. Clicking pictures.
3. Or as and when felt required.
4. Ya jab bhi mann kare!!

Origin: Ummm….well, I don’t think I have any idea? Do I? Hehe… You tell!

Some more fun?:

Reason for this blog entry: Nothing! Someone (from the ones above) suggested this to me some weeks back. That’s why! :)

What now? Nothing! SmaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeLLLLLLLLLLL !!!


  1. aha...hehehehe...nic 1 bro...thnx 4 not mentioning my name who is da founder of ur Smaaaaaaaeeeelllll...lets see how many can recognse me...ok guys...its a quiz 4 ol..guess me..who m I..!!!HAHAHAHAHAH..:-p

  2. one!! I like it!! :) :)
    Guess karo...!!!

  3. i really liked it.
    worth commenting
    and i hope its kk

  4. lets c pritesh...baakiyon ko guess karne do...phir "Anonymous" apna naam reveal karega!! :) ;)

  5. antarik..ths was too unexpectd! n surprising evn!
    i was vry curious to read ths blog n nw dat i've finished reading it, m nt smiling..m 'smaaeelling'!
    and thnx for mentioning us atleast sumwhere in btwn ur blogs!
    n by da way who suggested u to ryt a blog on ths word??

    n jst keep SMAAEELING :) :)

  6. Yes avni meri dost, wo kahin tu to nahi jisne mujhe saayad communication exam ke pehle din raat ko phone pe bola tha ki ab ispe blog likhun?? Hehe...:) :D

    And abt writing abt u in my blog, wo to maine pehle bhi ek baar likha hai...jaao dhunddo kahaan hai...;)

    And yes, keeeeeep Smaaeeeeeeling!! :)

  7. Hey, m also in d SSSMMMMMAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEELLLL category....!!!
    aftr seeing the i also hav a naya naya SMAEEl craze...wo video v upload kr de...mast hai...SMAAEEELLL...too gud re...chal SMAAAEELLLL...!!!
    Kuch jyada ho gaya na...koi ni...SSMMMMAAAEEELLL...!!

  8. gud 1...
    i think dis z the most interesting blog of urs, i hv read so far...
    actually it was cute...
    n plz dont keep d suspense...bata bhi do dat whoz d founder of the word n who told u 2 write dis blog
    keep smaaaeeeling

  9. @pinky: video bhi uppload ho gaya smaaeeelll!
    @dharini: thanks! suspense thoda aur rehne do...dono alag insaan hain, u knw both of dem vry well!! karo guess!! ;)

  10. smmmmaaaeeellll will only be complete wid ur smaaaaeeell ....... so always smaaaaaeeeeellllll.....

  11. @The latest Mr Anonymous: u r well aware of the reasons of my no smaaaeeeeLLL...;)

  12. Otterri...U uploaded dis one....i guess um d last 1 to c it dekhne se pehle hi m commenting...coz is video se mera love at 1st show ho gaya tha...SMMMAAAAEELLL...SMMAAAAEEEELLLL....!!!

  13. Sorry...i dint visit ur blog since since...chaddo..i dnt rmbr..isliye late reply abt video....!!!!

  14. ohhh finally i've done it ...maine tera ye blog padh hi liya....
    yes yes i've dun it!!!
    n nw i knw d creator of smaaaeeeeeeell...

  15. Again a Mr/Ms Anonymous: Thanks for finally reading, but Aaap kaun hain??


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