On a quest to Discover the Confused Me

“I have been extremely busy with my work and that is why I have been unable to talk to you.”- Isn’t this the lamest excuse you would give to your best friends when you call them up after almost a month of no-talking, calls not answered by you and messages not replied by you, and you still expect that they would understand? Well, I wouldn’t take that! But I am really glad that I have a set of friends who actually ‘do’ understand that. Probably I knew that they would understand this when I pressed the ‘Silence’ button on my cell phone when they called.

If I put myself in their shoes, well, no, I wouldn’t take that excuse. That is lame. How can you not take time out for people who have mattered to you so much and you know that they still do? Well, I guess if I react that ways, they would be left helpless and regretting, because, probably they actually were ‘busy’.

My internals ended on September 23rd and then started a four-week long unpredicted schedule of never-ending work. Well, they did end, but then, four-weeks are not something small! These four weeks have been really wonderful and experience-full if I see it in the professional point of view- I have learnt a lot in this time frame alone. Along with my group of friends, I have made a complete newspaper from scratch. I held the movie-camera for the first time in a real movie-shoot, something which I had been dreaming for at least 5 years now and which was my primary reason for taking up mass communication at the undergraduate level. I made a radio travel feature after recording in a real studio at college. And yes, not to forget, I have attended all classes over these days.

For the ear, these things seem very pleasant and believe me, when you are actually doing so much work which you love, you start feeling professional and professionalism slowly takes over you. Aren’t professional people supposed to be busy? Well, I guess, if they do, then its time that they learn to maintain an equal amount of dedication towards their personal lives as well.

These four weeks have been really bad for me when I see it in the personal life context- I have given my work super-more importance than my friends and family. In the race to be the best, I forgot to keep track of the very people who brought me here, and preferred to concentrate on doing my work and work alone. Well, I guess, I didn’t have any other option also. I had to work!

Somehow this four-week period has brought in much more professional thinking in me than I desired or thought of. I don’t know if it is doing me good or not, but yes, at least now I know what to do and what not to and how to balance this professional vs personal spheres.

You are walking down the road less taken. You meet many people on your way who have taken the same road. You overtake them effortlessly and without your knowledge. The King Lion gets to know about you. He sees you as a tiger amongst leopards. He instructs his ministers, the elephants, to keep a close eye on you. To help you on your path at all times. In the process, you are given the best works, the big responsibilities. The King gets to know you better, and you become his favourite. Slowly you take up more and more work. You love to do them. You love to serve the king. You keep yourself busy. One day suddenly you realize, amidst all the work, it wasn’t just your ability that was improving; it was also the elephants’ work that was decreasing. You were already doing work which you needn’t have done at all. The elephants are happy that their work is getting done without any efforts by them. You fail to understand that. And when you realize that you regret that!

(‘What am I writing?’- That’s the exact thought that just crossed my mind. I seriously don’t know why I am writing all this! And how mad are you that you are still going on reading all this crap! This isn’t the story of Simba-The Lion King! :P)

I guess I know what all this is. The confusion and frustration that I have been through over the past few days, has come out in a confused format from my frustrated mind. And if you are not confused even now, then I guess it’s wrong when we say If you can’t convince them, confuse them!

I wonder why my blog-writing has deteriorated so much! I seriously believe that this entry comes in just because I saw the last entry on this blog was 16 full days ago and I desperately felt like updating it! (I know that’s real lame! But I am surprised, you read this till the end!)

P.S.: Tell me, was this actually a quest to discover the confused me? Or you got confused in the process?  :D


  1. Kyu mr director am I rite??
    Haha see I red ur blog finally!!!

  2. Hahaha...wahi to mai sochun, Srk kahaan se aa gaya! :P
    Waise which line did I copy?
    And sach mein, I didnt expect you would read and comment! :P

  3. "If u cnt convince then confuse"...this is what I tell ppl to do in exam when they ask me hw u score in exams...and it ws my copy right,left and center all reserved...lol
    And I knew ul b surprisd!
    waise m planin to be ur blog follower;)

  4. Hahaha....ok ok....I get it...
    Follower? Wow! Finally :)
    And why are you not writing your name instead of 'Anonymous'?

  5. Antarik anwesan indango lavaso oneriso velatiri encrata yemena oneriso uganda...

  6. Learning the realities of life from own experience is a great thing. You will soon learn to separate your professional life from your personal life. Once you are able to do that you will be the happiest person in the world.
    It took me more than 40 years to learn it. But you will beat my score.

  7. @Mr/Ms Anonymous I wonder what those words mean...even Google fails in decoding them!
    @Papa- :)
    @Khyati- hehe...:)

  8. Realy nyc ntry... Probably dis confusion z d only thng dat pushes us 4ward in teenage...

  9. @Pallabi- Yea...probably...and I am going to be at the end of the teenage period in less than 2 months! :/

  10. Y??? Z being 19+ stil a teenager or z it only til 19th bday???

  11. realising that u messed the two faces is an achievement in itself.:)..coz there r frnds who keep ignoring the personal life,without even realising n thus regretting it is beyond the scene!
    go on mr anwesan.looking upto the e print!:)
    all the best.

  12. @pallabi- 19 + shd be a teenager i guess...
    @vartika- thanks! it shd be out soon now! :)


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