UB 27 B5 12426 Jammu Tawi - New Delhi Rajdhani Express

Writing this entry has no particular aim. Probably I am writing this because there has been so much happening in these two days of my Vaishno Devi trip or probably because amidst so many assignments, I haven’t found time to pen down a few words on my blog since days, or probably it is the tension of my broadsheet (say ‘newspaper’) getting completed on time successfully and with the best quality that is keeping me awake right now.

The past two weeks have been extremely tiring. Yes, I won’t deny that. But somehow I feel I have been able to balance my time well (I seriously wonder why I am saying that!) One thing that has happened for sure is that now I am learning to work qualitatively without taking much tension or I should say I am learning to cope with mental pressure. Whatever it is, it is doing good to me (or so I feel).

A 19 year old boy got lost at midnight somewhere in the 12.5 kilometre path on his way back from the shrine of Vaishno Devi. He got separated from his parents and sister and for an hour and a half each party was deeply scared and looking for the other one. The severe pain in the muscles of each one was completely forgotten. The absence of prepaid mobile networks and public address system in the vicinity fuelled the anxiety. All of them now know how the almighty had shown his power and separated and reunited them, with none of them having any idea why and how what was happening. Yes, the 19 year old boy is the author of this blog.

Having seen many songs on TV, since my childhood, which were shot at Vaishno Devi, I was quite excited about the 12 kilometre uphill walk and entering the shrine after crawling through a cave. The cave has been closed in recent years due to the huge number of footfalls and visiting the place after almost 6 hours of uphill walk drained all energy out from me and I wasn’t in the mood of protesting to open the cave for me. Saying this sounds stupid and idiotic, isn’t it? Amd by any chance do you have any idea why “let’s rock” followed my thought process every time I said “Jai Mata Di”? :P

Two nights back I was sitting in the New Delhi- Jammu Tawi Rajdhani Express and had loads of pending college work to complete. I needed my laptop, internet connection and a power backup for its successful completion. All was well until the moment I discovered that the plug points in the whole coach were not functioning and that left me with 21 minutes of laptop usage. I wrapped up the half-completed works (all related to the broadsheet I am doing as a college assignment) and prepared to mail it to my designer friend. As soon as I got the zip file attached to the email and clicked the send button, the mail got sent and my laptop got shut down. Was a wonderfully awesome timing, seriously! :D

Right now I am sitting on Upper Berth, seat number 27, Coach B5, Jammu-New Delhi Rajdhani Express and my laptop says the time is 10.50 PM and I feel I should sleep now. Now I realize- probably I wrote this entry just to feel the thrill of writing a blog inside a train and my readers have probably guessed by now that this was a pathetically boring entry (Although this implies that they read it till the last line!) :D

Bon Voyage!


  1. D journey mst hv been realy interestng wid u gettin lost... N d Entry ws nt at al boring...


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