It All Ends- 11.11.11

The date was 11.11.11, not significant other than how it looked with the 1’s, but at 4.45 PM that afternoon, I had in my hands the last Harry Potter DVD delivered to me (from on the day of its international release, thanks to the pre-order I placed a week back. I held the DVD in my hand, looked at it and kept it aside. The reason? This was the last thing that I was looking forward to in the whole of the Harry Potter book and movie franchise and now I had it in my hands. Yeah, I was happy because I laid my hands on it on its very day of release, when hardly people across the world have bought it and seen the movie. I was one of the firsts. But, I didn’t want this to end. I just didn’t want this to end.

11.45 PM: I inserted the bonus features disk into my DVD-ROM. ‘Awesome’ was the sole word to describe the features. Somewhere somehow the feeling of ‘The End’ persisted throughout the amazing 90-minute extra content on the disk.

2 AM (12/11/11): I inserted the movie disk. Yeah, this was the last movie. I saw it on the big screen on Harry’s birthday- 31st July 2011. And I so eagerly wanted to see the movie again. Now, I saw it… I understood it…I felt it…exactly as any other die-hard Potter fan would do.

3:45 AM: The movie ended. Harry, Ron and Hermione waved their final goodbyes to their kids, to the Hogwarts Express, to Platform Nine and Three Quarters, to Hogwarts Castle, to the millions of fans worldwide and to me. The scene made my eyes moist for the second time. And I had just one thing in my mind and heart:

There is nothing to look forward to now. It all ends here.

The end-credits are on. The sorrow in Alexandre Desplat’s composition is vivid. And I am sure of one thing:

You were and will always remain one big and important part of me. It’s you, due to whom I am where I am today. I am going to miss you Harry Potter…

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  1. I really didn't know that. It's the potter mania which led you to the "media"! Thanks Mr. Potter. Who says you are the mental child of Ms Rowling only? You lead the present generation of youths.

  2. I agree there is nothing to look forward to now. No more Potter movie. No more Potter novels.

    But I disagree that it has ended. I know I'm not a POtter Freak like you. I always liked Hermione more :P :P But I'm also kind of a fan of Potter series after reading the deathly hallows. People may see it as an entertainment for kids but there's more to it. It teaches a lot of things about life, friendship, courage. . .

    And I really like it. The Saga will never end as in someway as no one used the Avada Kedavra for it.

    And HARRY POTTER is the chilodhood of millions. Thanks to J.K Rowlling. . .

    And cheer up buddy. . .whenevr you feel like it has with me.. . I will give you a lot of proofs that it has not (provided you don't get bored)

    -A Potter fan :)

  3. This is exactly how I felt when I watched the last episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You were at least lucky to know how the story ends. I was left with plethora of questions!

    PS- All good things come to an end ... to make room for the better ones...there's no end to inspiration.

  4. Didn't expect that an entry like this would attract so many readers and comments. Thanks everyone :)


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