Time for some LIVE talks, on second thoughts

Hello readers and welcome to the refreshed ‘on second thoughts…’

Yeah, I know, you as my regular reader must be wondering why the above salutation and change in the way of presentation of an entry here at my blog? Well, to you and to my non-regular readers as well (some of whom are reading this probably because they were curious to know what this is about after reading the post-title or probably because they have come across this entry accidentally), I would just answer: Continue reading and find out... :D

Actually, I need to make an important announcement and so I thought a new post should be able to garner more readers and hence, learners. I am sure you have already noticed the few changes that have taken place over the past few days in the content of my blog. A toolbar has been added at the bottom of your screen and probably you have noticed some ads as well scattered around the site. Yes, I have been experimenting. And while experimenting sometimes great ideas come into the thoughts of an individual’s grey matter piled up in the cerebrum.

Time for the big announcement:
Keeping in view the increasing readership of this blog over the last months (Check the chart in the pic that Google provides me- Stats for my blog), I have decided to increase the interaction with my audience directly on this blog. Starting 18th of November 2011, you can visit my blog ‘on second thoughts’ at http://antarik.blogspot.com and chat LIVE with me every Friday from 10 PM to 11 PM regarding any recent/old posts that I have made or any topic/issue that you feel is worth discussing. Probably the Journalist-in-making in me would be able to provide you some info/views regarding some recent happenings in the world. Or probably, the Blogger in me would be able to answer your queries regarding blogging and how to attract readers (that’s what I am trying to do right now, isn’t it? [:D]). In short, this would be a platform for LIVE interaction of any visitor to my blog with me, the author and other readers present online at the same time about anything and everything.

How to go about it?

In the ‘wibiya’ toolbar that you see on the bottom of your screen whenever you open this blog, open the option to ‘Join Chat’ and login with one of the many accounts that it supports. You shall see me online every Friday from 10-11 PM, logged in with my name ‘Antarik’ (I do not guarantee that I would be offline at all other times! So, it’s worth a look at other times as well!). You can either start chatting on the public (visible to all) wall in the chat window or you can send me a private chat message if you want the contents of the chat to remain between you and me only. That’s it! Simple, isn’t it? J

Please note: In case you post any abusive/vulgar/inappropriate content in the chat forum, you shall be warned only once and on repetition of the offence, banned from the chat.

So that is it. Straight and simple put forth to my readers. Hoping to have a wonderful time interacting with you all LIVE. My fingers are crossed for 18th 10 PM. See you then! :)