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I am writing this post solely for two reasons: One, I am still unable to decide what to write in the two contests in which my participation is pending at IndiBlogger and two, I am having the urge to write something since the past few days but am unable to decide what to write about. And so, do not be surprised if you find this one of those rare boring entries I make sometimes. And I should be okay to see a maximum of 20 pageviews for this post and probably no comments!

The past few days have been fun- full of anxiety for many things. The college magazine which we made in a matter of 20 days for its February 27 release, took a lot longer to get printed (thanks to many reasons which I wouldn’t be very open about here, considering that from here the message can reach the undesired audience as well). One thing was proven when we got hold of the issue on March 22nd- intellectual thinking coupled with an urge to do the work in a scheduled deadline in the best way might bring about results slowly but would definitely be worth the wait. Personally we love each bit of the issue; it is the market feedback that we require now so as to sketch our progress.
The Jhankaar 2012 Team being presented with the first printed copy

Another cause of anxiety has been my third semester results. No idea what is wrong with the university. With each passing semester, the results seem to be getting delayed a little longer (Less than 2 months wait in Sem 1 and as of now, more than 3 months wait in Sem 3). Seriously, Indian government universities cannot be held liable for anything. Why the delay in the results IP?

Recently I was at a friend’s place for an assignment and that was when I finally copied all the episodes of the American sitcom ‘Friends’ from her hard disk to my laptop. The sole reason behind this was that I wanted to know what is so crazy about ‘Friends’ that people who haven’t watched it are differently-categorized by the ones who have watched it? (“Yaar, tune Friends nahi dekhi?”) Well, I did get to know what makes it different- I got so addicted to watching the series that I had to make and follow a strict timetable so as not to strain my eyes and not to ignore my work!

Last Thursday evening I happened to be at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road to shoot some footage for an assignment for my TV Production Lab. I had read in the paper that there was an open-air book library and book reading, launch seminar being held at the Open Air Theatre at IHC (Yeah, it is the same one that we saw in Rang De Basanti as a location in Delhi University) Call it coincidence or luck or whatever, the time I was at IHC happened to be the time when Shashi Tharoor was to make an appearance for his new book’s pre-launch screening. Considering that IHC is not an over-crowded place and very few people tend to visit it, I had a nice time getting my picture clicked with yet another ‘celebrity’. In fact, Mr Tharoor along with his wife (who I must remark, was absolutely stunning!) took a sit right in front of where I was sitting with my friend. Wow!

After a late-night dinner (egg-sandwich made by me for myself for the first time) and at an even late night time for having Maaza, I don’t think I am going to bore you with more of these random musings now. If you have stuck with me till the end, thank you. If not, well, I don’t need to say anything then!

Hope for a ‘better’, ‘witty’ and ‘meaningful’ entry in the coming days. Enjoy life! :)

P.S.: It was the 26th of March yesterday- It's been two years already since I left the Kingdom of Heaven and almost the same time since I made my first 'movie'. Time flies!


  1. I likey!!
    Go and watch friends ke all 10 seasons.

    1. Hehe..yeah, I am watching. Mid-way through the second season right now! :)
      Ur comments come as surprises. Unexpected! :D

  2. HEHE This seemed to be a JLT (Just like that) post. A lil breath of fresh air trying to take that weight off the shoulders. :-) Keep it up

  3. All I wanna ask. . .u really got addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S? OMG. . .I feel like I have never known you. . .Keep on getting addicted to such things. .good for me anyway! :P

  4. Don't let this posting a better stuff thing get on u. Believe me, Its a Disease. :)


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