Story of two friends

I read an entry on indiblogger some time ago, which pitched the idea for this entry into my mind. I planned to post this then but was on second thoughts. I rescheduled the entry to go out today- an important day…read on to find out how and why.

This is the story of two friends. Actually, the two happened to be friends thanks to their fathers, who were college mates. And so it happens that right from the time the two are born, they know each other, they know each other’s families and are termed ‘childhood’ friends… They are not people who come across each other on moving to a new locality or a new school. Both of them literally, grow up together.

The two of us with our respective siblings.
Toy Train, Batasia Loop, Darjeeling. May 1999
They go to the same play school; live in the same locality with their balconies facing each other; birthday parties together; each is the first to arrive at the other’s party; grow up and enter the same ‘big’ school for kindergarten; teachers know that you can’t separate the two of them any time; and I think neither of them remembers any of the things mentioned here because they were too young when all of it happened! [:D]

When they were 7, one of the fathers moved to a different city. It was 3 in the morning when the two friends sleepily waved goodbyes. Schools changed; localities changed; friends changed; but their friendship grew.

The two families went on a summer trip to Darjeeling and Gangtok when the friends were 8. It was in the year 1999. Family visits and meeting-trips continued over the years. The two friends grew up. Talking on the phone had never been considered important or required. They connected over social networking sites. Today, the two are at two separate locations; different colleges; different courses; different dreams; but are aware that they might meet anytime.

They are not friends who would say “Sorry I haven’t been in touch in so many days”. They would probably meet and ask “What have you been doing over the past years?” Whatever the case, they are sure to remain good friends.

Yeah, this is how we looked 13 years ago!
The two friends that I am talking about are Aranyak Mishra and yes, you guessed it right, me! It’s Aranyak’s 20th birthday today and this special entry comes in today to wish this old buddy of mine a very Happy Birthday!

When I left DAV Burla after Class 10, our teacher in LKG, Mrs Tapasi Rout told me, “I still remember your first day in my class 12 years ago. Aranyak and you- inseparable friends.

I have written about so many special people and events in my life over the past years in my blog entries but never have I mentioned this guy, probably because the two of us have been together even before we learnt our A,B,Cs! We are not friends who miss each other, I think we haven’t talked in two years, I haven’t wished him for his birthday in 14 years, but whatever may be the case I believe the two of us were born to be friends for life. (Thanks to our fathers, of course!) [:)]

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Aranyak! God Bless You. Enjoy the day. Hope to see you soon. :)

P.S.: I am not even sure Aranyak will be reading this blog entry anytime soon. I hope he does! :)
P.S.2: I don't even call him 'Aranyak'. It is our nicknames that we are more familiar with, but considering that this is the World Wide Web and I have got a considerable number of readers, I would prefer not revealing the nicknames! :D


  1. wow.. so much love.. even your names are almost identical..(although I do not know the meaning) He must be so proud of you and hope he has read this post of yours. It's so touching.
    Glad o have found you at indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now,

  2. Very touching post and wishing your friend a very happy birthday !!

  3. A real good bond of friendship. Friendship rocks, so does ur post. Nothing better then writing a post for friendz Birthday! Lovely

  4. It's a fitting tribute to your friend...brings out the emotions very feel....

  5. my turn Antarik

    To put in words what I really want to express is a really tough task. There are two very very simple words that to a very small extent put the same thing .But looking at the amount you put into this blog , I think I deserve a fair try.

    It amazes me that one could so clearly remember those moments. To remember the sleepy faces of the other ,so very confused about the right emotion to put up for that last meeting. To learn at time's pace and by life's surprising ways about that feeling that everyone else says is our friendship. To never and never ever realise that separation actually matters in such bonds . To believe truly in the other's endeavours however whacky the whole world thinks they are and unfailingly support them. To be lost in the crowd ,going with giant sweep and then suddenly finding that familiar face staring right at you. I dont really want to know what you call such experiences, but they do hint at something beyond appreciation.

    I can still see the two of us playing ball from our respective balconies ,see you throwing the ball and completely missing its aim (bet you're still bad at it !! ) , down to the first floor balcony(the Patras' -if i am not wrong). Still feel the cold skin standing at the bus-stop looking, with all hope draining out against certainity, at that sad bus emerging from bend, impatiently looking at the stairs to your block and hoping that you changed your mind about that little holiday you were missing school for.

    Whatever it is,its been an honor and will always be.

    P.S -1-really weird writing 'Antarik' , seems like I dont even this guy and yes, never realised you too had a different kind of a name. But yes, I am keeping my side of the pact, lets keep the WWW fooled :P

    P.S -2 -this was surely the best gift. Made the day.

    PS -3 Please do notify me the next time you drop such bombs :D

    1. Frankly speaking I had no idea how you were going to react on reading this. I am really glad you liked the surprise. And your reply reminded me of so many things which I had missed out in the post. :)
      Abt the ball, yeah, I think I still am bad at it! :D
      Bombs? Haha...of course I will let you knw :D
      Hope to see you soon :)

  6. Where is the super like button for Aranyak Bhaiya's comment and your blog entry. . .both of you. . .Still the same. . .and as far as I remember and know Aranyak bhaiya has been the one whom you've truly considered as best friend. . . I'm unaware of your friends' circle after you left SBP...:-/

  7. :D A Cute one!
    More importantly, I am curious about those nicknames ;) :D
    Beautifully written:)

    1. Thank you :)
      Umm...nicknames...I would prefer keeping the curiosity aroused :D


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