I am a travel sperm!

Well, if you have seen Vicky Donor then you probably aren’t surprised with the title to this post. Having seen the movie last week, when I updated a status on facebook, my friends had some great adjectives for me- thinker sperm, omg! sperm and so on. I was on second thoughts. I am not sure about these, but yeah, one adjective that truly defines me is (in Dr. Chaddha’s terminology) a travel sperm. Yeah, I love travelling and seeing places!

At 'Freeze' Ice Lounge, West Gate
Mall, Rajouri Garden- 27.04.12
“There are three types of travellers in India. Those who go on religious trails, people who travel to fulfil social or familial obligations and lastly, the group that travels to satiate an emptiness in their gut- that of exploring the unknown.” On reading these lines in Sunday’s HT Shopper South Delhi, I categorized myself into a fourth category- one which includes all the three previously mentioned categories. Yeah, I love travelling. Whether it is for religious visits, familial obligations (I hardly have any of those at this age) or the adventure trips, travelling and seeing places is what matters to me. The fact that my father loves visiting places as well is probably the reason I inherited the ‘travel sperm’.

The travel sperm has taken me to many beautiful locations across India and I have an amazingly wonderful memory of most of these which I would love to share with you and I am sure you are going to enjoy them.

I originally planned this entry to be a single slightly long post with loads of pictures. When I was less than mid-way through writing the post, I realized that I had reached nearly 1800 words and along with the pictures this was going to become a really long post. So I thought of dividing this post into several parts, each with a new travel destination in India where the travel sperm has taken me to in the 20 years of my life. Keep an eye open for the punches I have tried to include as distant memories in each of the destinations. ;)

Of course the list doesn’t include many places where I have been to- Delhi, many parts of Odisha- probably because I have been living/visiting these places so frequently since I was born that these places do not actually count in the list of places I have gone on a trip to. But if I start writing about these, I am surely going to have a lot to write and considering the fact that these places constitute a very delicate part in my heart, they deserve special and dedicated entries from me.

I have realized over the past few days that the quality of my blog posts is degrading, thanks to me getting confined to a ‘topic given to me’ and writing for various contests (something I have been very bad at always). So I have decided not to attempt another forced-topic blog entry for any contest unless I am completely passionate about writing for it. My semester is over and exams are a few days away and there is not much to study. This implies I have got some great vella time in the days to come and yeah, some wonderful work-ideas are lying stagnant at the back of my head right now. I hope some of them get to see the light of day over the next few days. Till then, keep an eye for some ‘good’ entries here on second thoughts. 

Get your sunglasses, Charge the camera batteries, Cut the watermelon and Pack your bags and take a virtual tour from the air-conditioned comforts of your bedroom to many destinations across India to beat the summer heat. Exciting...eh??

Bon voyage! :D

Update: Here are the links to my series of entries: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


  1. you are a writer sperm too...who can create people to read a post all through without break...

  2. agree with the comment above!:)
    waiting for those ideas to come to the surface soon,n not lie stagnant for long! :p
    n packing the bags..as of now i can see only xams..the result of which has been pre-decided by the clg administration!7 back to back theory xams!*maut*!to describe it in a single word! :D

  3. Looking forward to your travels and images.


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