My Most Memorable Epoch

The last few hours have been weird. All I have been doing is open facebook, check the non-existent new notifications, poke a few friends, see random photo albums, open my blog and wonder why the number of hits isn’t increasing, lie on bed and wonder what to do next, read the newspaper (or only skim through it), watch some of the memorable videos I have made, and that is it. What’s wrong, I wondered. I played some random songs in the media player when even starting with the fourth season of Friends wasn’t helpful.

Yesterday, I was telling one of my friends about the websites I have designed over the past years. I opened one of them, the one I dedicated to my DPS hostel mates two years back. With songs playing in the background, I went through the various posts I had made there. Went on reading stuff, seeing the photos, reminiscing the good time we had together. This is probably the one thing which when I think of even today, brings back all the wonderful old memories and I miss the time.

I took my phone in hand and opened the contacts list to contact any of the five special people. The first one is having his university exams till 14th. The second one has just reached home and is enjoying time with his family. The third one has chosen to vanish from being in touch. The fourth’s cell is out-of-coverage area and I haven’t had any telephonic conversation with the fifth since probably my last birthday (except a few texts) and so I texted him. I got no response. And I willed to talk to nobody else.

Now while I was going through my writings regarding my hostel life and these five people, I was surprised. I had forgotten so many things. And these were stuff which according to me two years ago ‘are unforgettable’. Things, moments, memories that I classified into the most memorable times I had. I was reminded of so many things. I was very happy. My blog writing and other ‘useless’ stuff’s writing wasn’t going in vain after all. If not for others, at least for me, these are acting as catalytic agents to recall and remember the small details of the time I spent with these five very special people of my life.

I spent twelve years at DAV Burla but none of the memories from that time seem very close to me. Two years of college life have passed and there is just one more to go before college ends, and I don’t know yet how I am going to recollect the enjoyable time I am having right now with my friends. But yeah, one thing has been certain. Although it’s been over two years since I steppedout of the DPS VK Boys’ Hostel on the 26th of March 2010, till today, there hasn’t been a time when I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed talking about the two years I spent there. I just love that time, the people, the memories, everything. This has been the topic of my blog entries so many times, and still I never feel that it is now becoming redundant to write the same things over and over again. It hardly matters to me if people perceive me as an over-senti-type guy when I write these kinds of entries. For all I know, these have been the best people life brought my way.

I haven’t met Venky, Love and Mangu in two years. I last saw Siddharth on April 17 last year. I have met Amrit a few times over the past months. These rare meetings are blissful. They are a ready reckoner of the fact that time once gone is gone but moments spent together are blissful memories.

I miss you doston. I am still waiting for the day when all six of us would meet up, catch up on all that is happening in our lives and just sit together and smile at each other reminiscing the days gone by and planning the next big adventure. The Principal’s office this time…eh? [;)]

PS: Google defines 'Epoch' as a period of time in history or a person's life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics.


  1. yet amazing entry antarik!n this time i can totally link upto it! :)
    n the part which says about being unable to decide on whom to contact is so true!being a med student n the rest eing engnrs,i feel we wudnt have much to tok on.n it is sad when we actually call n try to take the talk forward on "aur bata!whats new?"n u suddenly realise that"grl!its too much to tell on phone"!
    n meeting..i have met a few of them!but i dont think planning will help to bring the whole grp together some day..but ya i wont loose hope on meeting every1 accidentally sometym,coz ya miracles do happen! :)

    1. Yeah, these miracles ought to happen a bit more frequently...hehe..:D

  2. man..!! this guy can write..!!!!!! :P :P
    aftr so many years(2 actually) he is still the same old man with his fav topic of discussion..:P :P
    screw u MR. ANTARIK Anwesan for successfully making me nostalgic again nd again..:)

    tok to u exams are on..;)

    1. hahaha...chalo finally one of you at least read this!! phew!
      yeah, fav topic of discussion..i dont think this favourite will ever change...! ;)
      senti mat ho abhi, padh le jaakar...pehle 07/70 tha, ab to 13/100 ho gaya :P :D


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