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08:44 PM

On a friend’s recommendation, just recently I started adding people who I didn’t know personally, on my facebook friend list. These are people who I have heard a lot about, people I know exist, people I know are friends of friends and trustable. A few of these included alumni from my college- ones I have never personally known but have heard a lot about from seniors and the faculty, the ones who have done wonderful work and so, are worth being part of the memory books of people I talk to.

I was just going through the profiles of 2-3 of these new ‘friends’ of mine when I stumbled upon their blogs. It feels great when you find someone, who you have always only heard about, sharing a common interest with you. Within minutes, I was going through these two particular blogs (Check here: 1 & 2) of my ‘seniors’ from college and I had no idea when over an hour’s time had passed while I was reading the entries and clicking the ‘Older Posts’ tab at the bottom of each page.

Yes, I was going back in history to check what these people that I have heard for so long have written about their time at MBICEM. On my way, I kept stumbling upon many posts, many life events, which I loved to read. Probably some day, a few years from now, a student from my college who I do not know, gets to check my blog and connects, I think and smile.

Both of these people are someway or the other related to many things which have been (or which I want to make) important for me. Life at NID, short film making at college, blogging as a hobby, Delhi times, Mumbai diaries... Yeah…Mumbai diaries… the one big thing that I have wanted to happen to me (since at least six years now).

This June and July, as per the Summer Training programme of my course, I had joined Times Now as an intern for six weeks. At the same time, some of my batch-mates tried their hands on film production and joined various production houses in Mumbai. I had seen the pictures of the various production sets which my friend, Sanyam, had uploaded on facebook. Last week I saw the pictures that my friends Sahil and Shivangi had clicked as part of their time at Mumbai. Hearing stories about the fun they had and the experiences they had while meeting celebrities, going on shoots, working on FCP, attending photoshoots and music video shoots etc., I knew I was missing out on something. It had always been the camera, the editing bay and the director’s black cross-legged chair that had fascinated me and had ultimately resulted in me enrolling for this Mass Communication programme. But right now, I had been keen on working at a news channel and so, had never given a thought to the other available and probably better options that I had. And so, I thought this wasn’t something I should regret missing out on. 

This being my final year of graduation (and I becoming a super-senior), I am already being asked the question, What after BJMC? The answer to this is, as of now, unknown to me, but I do have a few plans at the back of my head. My right time for Mumbai would come, at the ‘right time’, I think.

It’s been hardly a month of college starting and at MBICEM, each day brings in an adventure of its own. Stepping into too many shoes can lead to all the work getting spoiled. And probably, right now, this is what is happening, or perhaps, might happen soon to me. A lot has been happening these days, apart from my academic work. I was always part of the Literary and Cyber Clubs of my college. I stepped into the Film and Quiz Clubs recently and soon, plan a few more endeavours, theatre being one of the priorities. I made my first presentation in front of a bunch of first year students today. I was nervous, no doubt, but I was happy that I didn’t lose confidence and the 30-minute session including a Q&A round, became successful. Everyday, when my classes end at 2.15 PM, I am running from one corner to the other of the college to complete some task, with my life partner- my laptop- clutched tightly in my hand. In this quest of being a part of all activities and not missing out on anything, I just hope I do not saturate myself soon, as normally tends to happen with me. Yes, I call all this an adventure.

It’s been sometime since I wrote a text-only blog entry and somehow, I still feel that these entries, written normally in one-stretch and short time, are my best written jobs lying around in this pool of nearly 180 entries. Anyways, this was an attempt to prepare myself for the 3rd Blog writing and designing contest at my college on 31st August, wherein, I would be getting just 40 minutes to type a blog entry. It’s 09:27 PM right now and I surely need to quicken up by at least 3 minutes, so as to complete my entry during the contest. Wish me luck! ;)


  1. Best of luck for the competition on 31st August. Be slow, calm and cool. Hurriedness may land you in trouble sometimes or other. Doing so many activities at a time may exhaust you beyond repair. It is better to less number of things with perfection. Good luck.


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