In Memoriam...

It’s not a common occurrence that I am at college and writing an entry for my blog. Yes! I am trying to control my excitement. You ask why? For the second time today, I am wondering what to write for the World Bloggers’ Day Celebration Blog Writing Contest that I am a part of, right now!

The OC of the 1st World Bloggers' Day in MBICEM
I joined MBICEM two years ago. Within a week of being part of ‘college’, I was in the main Organising Committee for the 1st Bloggers’ Day Celebration on 31st August 2010. It had been an awesome experience. For the first time in over two years of blogging, my blog and my skills as a writer had been tested and appreciated. I remember spending a sleepless night before the event, because I couldn’t think of any topic to write my entry on. It had been a big cause of dilemma. It’s been two years since that eventful day...

Last night when I went to sleep, I was in memoriam. I was thinking about how these two years have been. How fast time has passed. How on that eventful day, I, a fresher, had been asked by a senior, “Are you from some tech-event company?” How a simple blog entry had won me the title of the Best Blogger in MBICEM. I was high above cloud 19! The taste of success didn’t happen in that surprise announcement at the Teachers’ Day celebration that year. It was when, slowly over the course of time, my blog started receiving visitors, and visitors in numbers I had never seen in two whole years.

Blogging is my first love and the enthusiasm and zeal that I have while writing an entry or say, redesigning my blog, isn’t something I have had for anything else till date. Whatever the situation might be, a new blog entry and a few people I know reading it, always instills a sense of freedom in me. I know it’s the best place where I can express myself the way I wish without compromising with anybody’s whims. Who doesn’t like some attention anyway?

When I said I wanted to participate in the contest today, although I was part of the Organising Team, my fellow mates said, “Why should anybody else participate then? You are going to win the big prize anyway.” I just smiled at them. My intentions were different. This is the last time that I am a part of the Team or for that matter, a blogging activity at this college. I didn’t follow the dress code we decided for today (formal shirts for the guys) and instead wore my yellow Bloggers’ Meet tee. I wanted to participate in the event as just another participant, as I know I wouldn’t get this chance ever again in my life. And I didn’t want to miss this opportunity under any circumstance!

It’s 10.55 AM by my watch. I am sitting in the Computer Lab of my college and have just 15 minutes left for completing this entry and posting it on my blog. I didn’t want to miss any of my classes today for this event. But somehow, right from the moment I woke up in the morning today, I was not in the mood to attend any of the lectures and instead, be an integral part of the day’s event. This would be the last memory of Bloggers’ Day that I would carry from my grad-college. This would be engraved into my grey cells forever.

It remains to be seen how my juniors take interest in this activity in the course of the day today, and more importantly, if we can have another 'Best Blogger' from the first year, so that when this day comes up in the next two years, he/she would be the one motivating people to take up blogging as a permanent hobby and he/she would have the proud moments to be addressed as ‘Mr/Ms Blogger’ in his/her time at MBICEM, exactly the way I have felt proud on hearing the word for the last two years now.

As the clock ticks and draws close to the deadline, I give peace to my racing brain. Here’s wishing my fellow blogger-participants and the entire world’s blogging community, a very Happy Bloggers’ Day.

Tada! :)


  1. happy blogger's day antarik! :)
    n u r so lucky to be assured that your first love will remain with u throughout life! ;)
    all the best for many more such "to-be-registered in grey cells" moments!

  2. Antarik.... I distinctly remember that gangly teenager of 2010 who was excited about blogging.... and my interest in him was more so because he was my country cousin. But to be honest, I deliberately kept myself away from the evaluation of the blogs lest people misunderstand me for being parochial.... but when the results were declared and you were the winner, it was a proud moment for me... People should not misunderstand me here as I would have felt equally happy for any one else but the fact that a guy who was educated in the same state as I was (at least most part of it) made it extra special..... The metamorphosis of that lanky kid was happening... Antarik, there were ups and downs, it was a roller coaster ride alright, but the journey from a gawky teenager to a matured professional has already started as I can see from your blog posts, status messages, e-mails and our chats...... the achievement of publishing a masterpiece (Jhankaar) will go down in the annals of MBICEM never to be matched again.... As I close, let me just encourage you to keep writing and keep smiling.... They go with you very well..... :-) - Srimoy Patra

    1. I have nothing to say Sir, frankly. Thank you so much for your wishes Sir :)


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