If the internet survived 21/12

Post writing date and time: December 20, 2012, 00:01 IST

The doomsday 21/12 begins at: December 20, 2012, 17:31 IST

This post scheduled to be up on my blog on: December 22, 2012, 17:31 IST (because this would be when all the time zones in the world would have reached 22nd December 2012)

If you are a human, of my kind, the homo sapiens, reading this and you know what all this is: Congratulations! You survived the doomsday. And probably you are laughing right now reading all this and imagining that till yesterday some part of you believed that the doomsday had the slightest chance of happening and you not surviving it. And now, even if it has happened, you have survived.

If you are not human, of my kind, the homo sapiens, then probably you are trying to figure out the code and understand the language in which all this is written. Or probably, you don’t even know that this is something to be read. Or even more probably, you don’t know what ‘reading’ is. Whatever the case is, at least you seeing this message (Ummm…Can you ‘see’?) means that the internet survived 21/12, the long predicted doomsday! Oh yes, that also means my blog survived! Yea…party time…I am going to be written down and read about in history!

Now this is more of talking to myself- If this post never gets published, that might mean 21/12 actually happened and wiped out the internet completely. I am not sure what happened to me or you though. We might have died yesterday or we might have been rescued by some alien forces or probably we might be in one of those huge ships (Noah’s Ark?) built secretly in China exactly as we saw in 2012, the film. If this is the case, then surely I must be sitting and wondering- Is the internet working? Did my blog post get published at the scheduled time? If yes, then how do I share it on the various SNS and get people to read it? Are there other people out there who survived or am I the sole survivor meant by God to carry the human race forward? (Aah..God, I can’t do it by myself!)

There is this slight chance that this post got published. I am seating at home, behind my computer screen, smiling and posting the link to this post on Facebook, Twitter, IndiBlogger etc. and you have come across the link and are reading this right now, exactly the way you have read any of my previous posts. If this is the case, then Bravo! We survived! 21/12 is gone. Nothing happened. It’s the same boring news on TV. And now astrologers are coming up with another doomsday in the near future to keep our hearts racing…haha…

And if this is case, then surely you are laughing right now too because some part of you believed (or hoped) till last midnight that something unusual must happen on 21/12. I am sure you made up huge plans for the D-day, for your supposed last day in the world as we know it, do share those here and let's have some fun discussing- If 21/12 had turned out to be the real 'doomsday', what is the one thing that you would have done before the world ended?


  1. Ultimate Creativity...!!!

    Hats off to you...!!!

    Before the world ended, I would have laughed out all left within me because it would have been a phenomenon I researched upon a lot before believing it strongly and much later had had reasons not to believe it and yet it happened... :P :P

    I would have been satisfied for all that I have done in life and happy that it all would end nicely... :D :D

    1. That's a great thought Pallabi :)
      About the end of the world, may be you would like to read about the "Photon Belt theory"..I am sure you would find it interesting ;)
      And thanks for the compliments on the post :)

  2. Nice entry. Creativity at its best. Yes the doomsday did really happen in Delhi at least for the rapists. If the strong protests staged by the Young India succeeds in moving the stone hearted politicians (some of them are also high society rapists) of this country and strong measures are taken by the GOI in amending the laws to have "NO TOLERANCE" for rapists then certainly this so called doomsday is a harbinger of a better future for this country. Hopefully, this doomsday will recognise women as individuals in this country where women are worshiped as goddesses only in temples and molested everywhere else.


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