The wish-versus-do list when you are ill

  1. You are suffering from food poisoning, have been on bed rest for four days and are restricted to a diet of boiled rice and fruits
  2. You get the entire 24 hours of the day for things that solely you want to do
  3. You sleep for 12 of the 24 hours because that feels like the easiest thing to do
  4. You want to go out, meet your best friend who is in town, but can’t because you are too weak to even move and your kidneys wouldn’t obey you if they decide to let go of the motion
  5. You want people to call you up, may be meet you too, but you smile with the once a day WhatsApp message or text you receive from them, because you feel at least there are some people who have you in their thoughts at some times
  6. You use your smartphone for the only smart job it does in the absence of a good network connection- setting the alarm
  7. You want to see Bombay Talkies, a film you have heard so much about, attended discussions about, but can’t because you are too weak for that too
  8. You want to have all the amazing food available in the world and kill that bug in the stomach which is restricting you from doing that
  9. You have to produce a radio show, prepare a production book, make your film’s trailer and poster and submit it immediately for your final college project or be prepared for an extra year at college
  10. You want to kill your laptop because the film that you are editing (your first one as a director) wouldn’t get exported out of Adobe Premier Pro since the last 24 hours due to technical reasons that are beyond your understanding
  11. You want to show your edited film to someone who might actually have interest in it, but find no audience
  12. You have a 200-mark exam coming up in two days for which you need to re-study 23 subjects that you have studied over the three whole years of college

Probably what you can do is
  1. Switch on the TV for some entertainment, accidentally start watching the National Film Awards, switch the channel to Arnab’s Newshour Debate and ultimately let your young cousin snatch the remote from you to watch Doraemon, Ninja Hattori or some other stupid cartoon
  2. Talk on the phone with some of your friends but alas, Airtel signals do not seem to be able to penetrate the walls of your residence except that one square metre area beside the TV in the drawing room
  3. Browse through facebook and find it the most boring job to do and browse through facebook a little more
  4. Start a conversation with that random friend who you have not bothered to talk in months because you had no time
  5. Think how your last week of college is going to be and wonder if your health and work would allow you to enjoy that
  6. Pray for your fast recovery and think what could compensate the time you have lost in completion of the tasks you have and how to get rid of the pile up of work in the short time left
  7. Write a blog entry, think that it would while away some time, realize that what you are writing is sheer stupidity but still post it and expect people to read it and comment on it

Or probably, the best thing to do, when you are ill is to just let go off all work, all worries and rest as the king, come what may!


  1. Love the last line...honestly how many days are you ill actually ill??? so let go of things...what you want to do what you should do... screw all of them... and i bet you will recover jaldi... get well soon!! :D

    1. yea...yea...yea...aur mera final project to tu hi karegi na? :P

  2. Very cool...and yes, like the previous commenter said, I loved the last line, too!
    I liked how every single item in your list was real and empathetic.

    My first time visiting your blog - I am sure there will be many more. Good luck with your tummy and the exams!

    1. 'real and empathetic'- i liked that :)
      Thank you for your comment. Would love to see you more often here :)


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