A too ambitious and frank 'CV', is it?



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Education Details: 
Took up Science after Class 10 because I scored more in the subject than Social Sciences and because 'it would keep all options open'. For two years, I barely got the concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Somehow managed to pass the 12th Boards and joined a course which I thought would take me closer to my dream of making a film.

3 years of BJ(MC) at a not-so-famous college gave me all the opportunities I never dreamed of.

The quest to get a ‘Dr.’ attached to my name and the curiosity to learn something that has fascinated me for years, amidst many other reasons, got me enrolled in a Masters course in VFX and Animation at a prestigious national institute last year. Getting a good placement at the end of the course- can never figure in my priorities.

Work Experience/Internships:
Event- Co-ordinated and managed an international students’ film festival for my college with no care for my health or personal issues. With no monetary gain, how many of us can work for 4 whole months without caring about food or sleep? I didn’t work for the festival. I literally ‘lived’ each moment of it. It was pure passion. Do not dare question my dedication for work!

News Channel- Worked in the editorial department of the most prestigious news channel in the country. Hated the ‘no work’ scenario; loved the ‘big people, big talks’ exposure.

News Agency- Full 30 days of working as an unpaid-reporter/writer in an international news agency. My first and the best internship till date.

Projects undertaken that I think are worth mentioning/What they call ‘Achievements’: 
Made a documentary film which got screened at a couple of international film festivals but got rejected in my own college’s festival.

Feature stories by me have been published in various newspapers, websites and a magazine.

Have been the editor (content and film) during college (for our college magazine and TV episodes respectively)

Somehow at the age of 13, managed to start and run a children’s club in my locality for nearly 4 years and which brought me personal appraisal from the Late Shri Anant Pai, editor of Tinkle.

I started blogging 6 years ago to get noticed. It’s one thing I just can’t stop myself from doing. And people read my blog and made me realise that I somehow manage to write well.

Apart from all this, during the 14 years of school, I managed to win laurels in loads of drawing and writing competitions, GK quizzes and the top prize in a national level science exhibition.

Less than 8 years down the line…
I can’t be ‘one of the many’. I have to be the ‘only one’. Probably when my Dad christened me with such a unique name, he gave me more than just the name- the feeling that I have to be ‘different’. What everyone does, I probably can too, but I won’t be happy doing that simply because there is nothing unique and different about it!

I would be travelling around the world, living with people, getting to learn their culture, having experiences that people only dream of, some life threatening adventures that I live to proudly blog about- without the constant worry of ‘where do I get the money for it all’.

I would work for myself and nobody else. (Own a Wall Street indexed company devoid of the boss-employee protocol, where ‘people work to fulfil their dreams’ rather than ‘employees who work to make clients happy and bring profits to the company’)

I would have made a big budget Bollywood film- solely for entertainment- that people and critics love, and probably get India’s first Oscar in the Foreign Language category. If that might be the case, I would make headlines and be showered with projects, but I wouldn’t take up another one because doing one thing more than once becomes too boring for me.

If I am someone in power, I would give more importance to someone who is on a ‘quest for learning’, has a ‘thirst for knowledge’ over someone who is bonded with innumerable personal, financial and other xyz situations in life.

And I am sure I would still be in the quest of the answer to the question, “Why am I here?” That’s good, because only then I would explore more of the world and my skills.

In the rarest of rare chance, if you are my boss and reading this, read this part carefully:
No I am not boasting, but yeah this is a fact: I am the most dedicated worker you would find when the work I do interests me and more than that, means something to me.

If I do something that falls in the above category, well, you wouldn’t ever want to lose me. I promise that. If you have to choose between me and a big client, you would choose me without a second thought. Ask me to leave, if you can find someone who is more dedicated and does the work better than me!

I can’t work simply for ‘money’ even if I want to. I have tried it and it just doesn’t work. I would rather be low on money than work on something that gives me everyday-headache and worry. But yeah, I would never say no to good money coming my way!

You just can’t boss me around. May be you do for a day or two, but then be rest assured that I would have vanished by the end of the week.

If I don’t feel like it, I won’t come for work. And I wouldn’t expect you to question my decision. It’s my life, I will live it my way.

I can handle pressure, and I can work much better when under pressure. But mind you, I am way too moody.

More than working, I prefer getting work done. I am no MBA but I manage things well.

But most probably, as I have made it clear earlier, there is a very low chance that you are my boss and I am working for you. Just in case it is so, lucky you! And what the hell is wrong with me that I am ‘serving you’ and helping you make money with your clients?

About you:
You are somebody who hardly knows me and laughing right now at my ‘insane’ dreams or

You are somebody who knows me well and are scared that I am ‘going way too off the track’ or am ‘too ambitious’ or

You are somebody who actually believes in me.

Whatever the case, I don’t care. I love challenges and being told that something is impossible for me. Go ahead; bring all the tough situations in.

And if you are a future ‘employer’, I dare you- Give me a job that fulfils all the above requirements.

Finally, about me, CVs and this written piece of 'art' work
I am a confused guy with no clue what I want to do even tomorrow. I normally have a plan. But most of the time, I cannot have a plan. But I am certain about a few things that I want to achieve. I don’t know yet, how I am going to achieve all of it, but yeah, my experience tells me that someday things will fall into place and the stars are going to align the right way. Till then, I can only hope for the best. And hope that there is a ‘job’ that fits all my requirements and pays me real well.

Why can’t CV’s be open and frank like this one? Why are we forced to make our CVs look the way it would please our employers? If we are not being frank in this small piece of document, how can we cry later that the work assigned to us isn’t good enough? Why do employers want a serious ‘Qualification-Experience’ CV? You get the work I have done previously, but is their any guarantee that I would work on similar levels in the future? Isn’t it better to be a bit more frank and open about our wishes and forget everything and go ahead and achieve the dream? Without caring what the world would think, or that people (and more specifically the enemies and those fake-competing-friends) are going to make fun of you or are going to weigh you down and never let you achieve your goals? Why do we have to be so diplomatic in our everyday life in the minutest of things we do? The world might not like us the way we are, why do we have to change ourselves for the world’s sake? Why are we always ready to make compromises? Are we so scared to talk about our dreams? Think about it!

PS: On second thoughts, may be I should forget everything else and concentrate on writing! :P
PS: I never expected that my first post after moving to Mumbai is going to be something like this. Thought it would be something more cheerful! :D
PS: So many of you are laughing right now and calling me an idiot for sharing such minute details of my life openly on social media. Thank you!


  1. So COOL :D :D :D *thumbs up*
    Cooler than Raju Rastogi :P :D

  2. U don't have to try hard to be different ......U already are !!!!! :)

  3. Hi Inner Feelings! :P

    Very well put! I hope your boss at RedFM realises how lucky he is to have you! If he doesnt yet, get him to read this! :-)

    1. Hahaha... No comments Raj! It's not been even a month since I joined :D

  4. That is one hell of a CV and I loved every bit of it. Frankly I haven't read most of your writings but the ones I have made me think and realize a lot about myself. I believe in you and your dreams no matter how distant they may seem.

    I wish to share with you that I was working in a friends startup as a photographer and videographer. It was the perfect opportunity for a person to learn, experiment, grow and become a master of his field. Money would also follow as the company would grow. But I left. I had to. The travel wala keeda inside of me just didn't let me stay at one place. "Only a stupid would leave such a golden opportunity" I was reminded by my friends and others who don't know shit about me, my family supported me though.

    It makes me really happy to see you share your feelings as openly as you do. I am really inspired by your way of writing and I wish to be able to write like you. No matter what I follow my heart now and I don't work for anyone but me. It gives me satisfaction and inner peace.

    Just want you to know how lucky you are to be the person you are and its great to know you. :) all the best will see you soon


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