Inspired by one man- it’s been 6 years of blogging!

Exactly 6 years ago on the afternoon of 13th June, I was sitting at home in front of the computer, casually browsing through the net. My 10th Board results had come out and now I was waiting for the admission lists of various schools in the capital. I had arrived in Delhi just the previous day with no clue that I would be spending so many of the coming years in this city. As I was browsing, I remembered hearing on TV about a ‘blog’ that Big B writes. I searched for it and soon found the famous ‘blog’ of Amitabh Bachchan. I went through this new ‘website’ and it didn’t take me long to understand the meaning of the word ‘blog’.

I went through Amitji’s blog and read extensively. This man, he everyday writes about his daily life on this blog and so many people around the world read it. Within half an hour of posting a new entry, he has as many as 300 comments- I was awed! If he writes something and is so popular, then may be even I can become famous by writing about my life daily on a blog, I thought.

It is funny, but yeah, this is when I went ahead, made an account and started my own blog. With 100 % inspiration from Big B- not for acting or anything on those lines, but for ‘blogging’. If he can do it, why not me?

Last month I moved to Mumbai for an internship. As I have mentioned earlier, coming to Mumbai had been a big dream for me. I even made a huge checklist of things I wanted to do when in the city. One of the pointers read-

“Selfie at Mannat, Jalsa and other ‘star’ homes and marvel at the ‘biggies’ separated from me by just a gate. And probably at Jalsa hope to get my blog’s inspiration to join me in its 6th birthday celebration next month.”

And so within days of arriving at this city, I went ahead with a friend and got this picture clicked in front of Big B’s bungalow in Juhu:

In front of the house of the man who inspired me to blog at the first place. Location: Jalsa, Juhu, Mumbai

Standing right there, in front of Jalsa, it was a different aura. The man who unknowingly inspired me to start blogging, and ultimately made me realise my potential for writing, lives just beyond these walls. A sense of achievement and pride. I couldn’t suppress my smile!

It’s been 6 years since that eventful 13th of June 2008 afternoon. And I still continue writing. No, I don’t have 300 comments on my entries within half an hour of posting them. But yeah, I do have people reading my blogs and telling me that they liked a particular entry or that reading my blog helps them to lift their spirit. When somebody I know takes up blogging, I make sure that I check their entries, go through them and comment on them. If a new comment on my blog makes me feel good, I ought to make others feel good too.

I was inspired by one man to blog, and now somehow so many people have come up and told me, ‘I am inspired by your blog and I want to start my own. Please read, comment and help me improve.’ It’s such an amazing feeling! Indescribable!

Here’s a picture of my blog’s 5th birthday celebration cake last year. College was just over and we were out for a get-together and I used the opportunity to have a ‘cake-cutting’ ceremony and celebrate 5 years of blogging. This time around, being in Mumbai, I sure shall cut a cake, but somewhere deep down my heart, I sincerely hope that the one man who inspired me to come along these 6 years somehow comes across my blog and leaves a comment. Can I ask for a bigger reason to celebrate?

Not a 'cake' cake. But a cake. My blog's 5th birthday cake. Location: Select Citywalk, Saket, New Delhi
So for now yeah, parting words: Happy 6th Birthday dear blog!


  1. Congratulations on the 6th year mate. It takes quite a bit to keep going with the writings. Many people do start and lose steam somewhere, but to carry it along for the 6th year is a commendable feat indeed :)

  2. Congratulations Antarik, Big B is the inspiration for all of us in many respects however your writing also share your dedication, passion and love for it. Keep Blogging... :)

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