Gauri shares her #ColgateMagicalStories

This Saturday when my mother invited our maid's 9 year old daughter, Gauri, she was anxious about the visit. I wondered if she would be okay to be on camera. We handed her the packs of Colgate Dental Cream and implored her to look inside for a surprise. Shy of the camera at first, but within minutes the young girl was all pumped-up and working her way with the scissors to bring her magical stories alive. Take a look at the vlog of her experience:

After over two hours when we asked her what she wanted to do now, all she said was "I want to play more". And so, she carried the Colgate characters home and as her mother tells us, "spent the entire evening and some days after that, creating all kinds of amazing royal tales." The power of constructive parenting.


This post has been written for '#ColgateMagicalStories- The Power of Constructive Parenting' Campaign