Watch the Teaser of 'Told Untold' (2015)

I take immense pleasure in releasing the teaser for my new documentary film 'Told Untold' for online audiences. The film premiered on 31st May 2015 at Kunzum Cafe, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi for a limited audience (Details & Photos- here). It is common practice to have a trailer for a film long before the release so as to create a social buzz about it, amidst other reasons. Surprisingly, the premiere of the film happened long before the trailer was cut. There is a special reason for this. The premiere in a way was a test-screening of the film so as to gather feedback and suggestions from the audience and accordingly incorporate changes in the final cut. The final cut was completely last week and keeping in view the timing, the teaser is being released.


About the film: 'Told Untold'

Being a ‘victim’ is a mental condition. It is a term that society creates  forcibly. Most people go under this pressure and never have the guts to talk about any situation they faced, fearing the society’s backlash. It is imperatively important at such times to have someone to talk to, for somebody to empathise rather than simply sympathise with the victim, and to take appropriate action, if required. Narrated through personal accounts of two carefully chosen individuals, 'Told Untold', is an attempt to look for, unravel and acknowledge some of these stories happening around us.

Title: Told Untold
Duration: 23 minutes
Script, Editing and Direction: Antarik Anwesan
Cinematography: Sushant Uniyal
Production Type: Documentary
An AJK MCRC 2015 Production

Interesting behind-the-scenes trivia

  • The end credits of 'Told Untold' are perhaps, the most important part of the film (story-wise), and they go on for nearly 2 whole minutes. It is surprising for a documentary since the crew was intentionally limited to include just two people- the cinematographer and the director (even with a 3-camera sync setup during the shoot) and NOBODY else was told ANYTHING about the story of the film.
  • Most of the people whose names feature in the credits have absolutely no clue that they have at some point helped in the making of the film, and the few who do, they are still waiting to hear what the film is about.
  • With the extreme requirements decided, the cinematography for the film was a huge challenge. It was something that the director and cinematographer had never tried before. It took many hours on each day of the shoot to simply get that perfect lighting on the set. It had to be done in such a way so as to avoid any post-production colour correction on the shots.
  • Moreover, our cinematographer did an amazing job of handling a 3-camera sync setup all on his own, without chaos.

Where can you see it?

The festival cut of the film is ready and we hope to take it to a few film festivals across the country over the next few months. Also, there are plans of organising public screenings of the film. You can follow me on twitter for all updates and screening schedules which I shall be posting from time to time.

Also, in case you are interested in organising a screening for the film (with the audience size anywhere between a couple of people to more than a hundred), please do contact me. I shall be more than happy to take it forward.

The film will also be available to view online, but at a later date (not yet decided).

What do you think of the trailer? Does it 'tease' enough?

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