Flipkart launches India's Biggest Online Kids' Store

A few years ago, my 7 year old cousin was insistent on buying a particular Rubic's cube which wasn't easily available in stores. All by himself, he checked for the cube's availability on online shopping sites and found it. Had there been cash on delivery option, he probably would have gone forward and ordered the item then and there. My uncle promised he would place the order. The next morning before heading to school, my cousin made sure that his father puts the item 'in the cart' and places the order in front of his eyes else he won't be going to school. And this was when we hadn't started relying on online shopping sites for almost all our needs. The Hamleys toy store hadn't arrived in India yet.

That's how advanced the present generation of kids is. They need the same toys, and they would look up sellers from across the world who deliver at the cheapest rates. Still, until recently, shopping for games and toys online didn't have much scope in India, nor were parents as inclined towards it.

Flipkart recently introduced its 'kids' range of toys and games. It is like an online treasure house of all kinds of toys possibly imagined. Even I, as a 24 year old, feel attracted towards the variety of games available and am eager to go ahead and order some of them. (Yes, I am one of those who still goes for the Happy Meal at McDonalds!)

During the recent #Flipkartkids Indiblogger Meet at Bluefrog, Mumbai, for the launch of ‘Flipkart Li’l Stars – India’s Biggest Online Kids Store’ this is what was discussed- there has been a steady rise in the interest of both kids and parents in going ahead and indulging in e-commerce not just for kids' toys but for almost all kinds of items.

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Our winning Team at Flipkart Indiblogger Meet, Mumbai

Ms Kalpana Behara spoke about being a parent blogger and her indulgence with shopping for kids. Later, a short discussion of the Flipkart Kids VP and other members with the bloggers followed, focussing on the changing e-commerce strategies in India.

Our team ‘Indiblogger ka Ooltah Chashma’ performed in the ad-mad (and eventually won the contest) where we, the people (and minions) of Gokuldham Society, Powder Gali, Goregaon East were looking for gifts for our kids and Flipkart Santa came to our rescue with its ease of use on our smartphones. 

The rise in online shopping is simply due to this convenience that comes with it. Big brands like FisherPrice, Disney and Lego are easily able to sell items to the furthest corner of the country. There is no need to set up a physical store, nor the need to sell the items to local resellers. It's a win-win situation for both sellers and consumers.


  1. Very nice description of event Antarik! Hope to meet you at another IndiMeet :) Do check out my post of the event: bit.ly/FlipkartLilStars

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