Looking Back: 7 Most Popular Posts of 2015

Yet another year comes to an end.

2015 has been a great year for the blog with over 70,000 hits which is close to 200 hits a day. The blog got mentioned as a popular offbeat travel blog on holidify and my travelogue got featured in Outlook Traveller. The year also saw me attending the largest bloggers' conference at BNLF and connecting with bloggers from across the country.

Here I bring to you the top 7 most popular and most talked about posts of the year. Chances are that you have read some or most of them. If not, here’s the chance of not missing out on them. Take a look:

1. Nainital: The Arduous Trek to China Peak

This travelogue got featured in Outlook Traveller, India's leading travel magazine.

“There are some things in life which we know we want to do, the ones on our bucket list, and there are some which we discover on the way. Reaching the summit of China Peak, would be one of the second types.”

2. What if you died right now?

What if you were to die right now? All of a sudden. The very next moment. Caught without any kind of warning or preparation. Would you be okay with leaving things the way they are? Leaving relations – the good, bad and ugly- the way they are?

3. The Psychological thing about Online Order Deliveries

I sometimes wonder- has the online takeover actually made our lives easier or has it led to increase in stress levels? Both probably. Two sides of the coin. One comes with the other.

4. The Little Joys of the 'First Job'

After years of thinking to myself and telling the world that I would never have a job or work for someone else, the last quarter of the year saw me getting on board a corporate media house as an employee. As hard as it is for me to accept the fact and the sudden change in my routine, there is no denying that there sure are little joys that one gets sans anticipation from one’s first job.

5. How I spent 34 hours on a train without getting bored

2318 kilometres, 34 hours, 7 states and a LOT of time for food and sleep, welcome aboard the Bengaluru Rajdhani Express.

6. This absolutely ‘relative’ thing about Staying in Touch

Easily meeting people is a certainty, keeping in touch is the difficult and more important part assigned to us- one which is absolutely relative to our wishes. We don't know if there is going to be a tomorrow. We don't know if we will see them ever again. It's the moment right now that counts, that we need to make the most out of. What's wrong in keeping our ego aside, taking a few minutes out of our schedule and making that long awaited call to that old friend we haven't spoken to in a while?

7. Dawn of the Mumbai Way of Life

Changing cities isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But then, the joys of learning the new way of life, a new culture, seeing people with a new approach to the daily grind, and most of all, enjoying every new day as a new experience, that’s what defines life. And similarly, life in Mumbai dawned on me.

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Wishing you a great year of blog writing and reading ahead. Happy New Year 2016!