My Travel Bag for Wimbledon 2016 #AllenSolly #SollySportCentreCourt #PlayItFair

Update: This was the first post in the Allen Solly #PlayItFair Win a Trip to Wimbledon 2016 Contest which I later won.

Getting to witness Wimbledon, the biggest and the most historic of all tennis tournaments, LIVE from the centre court is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s not just a historic tournament, but a royal one at that. What watching a match at the Lords is for cricket fans, witnessing Wimbledon is the same, if not a bigger moment, to a tennis lover. While travelling from India, it is imperative to carry the most important things in one’s travel bag to have a grand experience of the event.

Here I list down some of the most important things I would carry in my travel bag, if I head to the Wimbledon #SollySportCentreCourt :

1. Wimbledon is held in one of the farther suburbs of London usually between the last week of June to the second week of July. Considering that the temperature in the hottest month of July in London ranges between 12 to 25 degrees, with unpredictable rains and winds, it is definitely going to be cold for the acquainted-to-hot-and-humid-climate Indians. And so, you need to be ready with some winter wear (jacket, hoodie and a muffler may be?) for the just-in-case situation. Of course, I would keep some tshirts and shorts handy too. #PlayItFair

2. Don’t forget, Britishers are one of the most ‘sophisticated’ people; they take their dressing sense seriously. You don’t want to look unclean at any point in your trip, nor would your photos look good that ways. So even if it is a trip of just a couple of days, you must carry the basic toiletries including your shaving kit, perfume/deodorant, shampoo and of course, toothbrush! Your hotel would most probably provide these and towels, but no harm in carrying just the basic things right? (I am carrying my purple hand towel for sure- matches the Wimbledon colour!)

3. Keep your sunglasses and sunscreen. It’s day time and too much light around. Keep a watch. Also, some light snacks or biscuits, basic medication, a torch would help. It’s a foreign country after all and you, like me, probably haven’t been there before this. (Keep your passport on you at all times- with a photocopy back in your hotel or on the cloud)

4. A book to read is always handy in the long flight, or during transit, or basically at any other point during the trip when you have little to do. Not to forget, a good collection of music on your phone along with earpods/headphones can never do any harm. Don’t forget the phone’s charger or an additional power bank. They all might just come in handy in case you are at the All England Club in the queue for your anticipated Wimbledon match where it might take a little time to get in.

5. A camera or a phone with a good camera (like mine) is a must have. Keep the ‘Notes’ app open and scribble down things you see around- entering the new city, watching your favourite players in front of you in the court, catching the Big Ben or the London Eye live in front of you- these are moments you cannot let go uncaptured after all.

Along with all of it, do carry a basic sense of humour and anything else that you feel is important (I am carrying my Harry Potter tshirt- how can I not while visiting the city where the magic began?)

Don’t miss this short video I made of my travel bag being packed. Do you think I have missed something important?


  1. Nice entry. Your preparedness for traveling to the mecca of tennis is praiseworthy. I am sue your efforts will ultimately land you there. Enjoy the trip and of course the tennis.

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