Preparing for the Wimbledon #PlayItFair #SollySportCentreCourt

Update: This was the second post in the Allen Solly #PlayItFair Win a Trip to Wimbledon 2016 Contest which I later won.

Wimbledon has been on my mind since the last few weeks and entering the final round of the Blog it Ace it #PlayItFair contest, had me thinking about it even more. How would it be if I am indeed headed to London to witness the Wimbledon at the #SollySportCentreCourt live this year?

Once the packing is done (and my travel bag is already packed for Wimbledon, check here), the journey would commence and I would keep looking out of the plane window probably wondering ‘Are international clouds the same as those found in India? Do clouds play it fair or have boundaries?’

I would be ready for the weekend. Not being a very party-loving person, I prefer hanging out with friends or catching the latest movie release. Either ways, a perfect Friday dressing is important and I would play it fair.

I tried Allen Solly's Solly Sport collection and bought this green casual shirt- a perfect Friday dressing for work and post-work fun. The Solly Sport collection has been designed specially with the Wimbledon in mind and hosts some really cool tshirts and shirts.

Being in the #SollySportCentreCourt is bound to be a historic moment in my life. Dressing well for it is equally important. I would be in my casuals. Probably in my current favourite green shirt above. Or may be in a jacket with tshirt and jeans and leather shoes. And yes, my glasses and cap.

Catching one of the veterans of tennis or grand-slam winners is definitely a possibility, depending on who qualifies till the finals and which match I get to watch. Added bonus would be catching one of our Indian players winning the Wimbledon in the singles. The joy of watching Sania Mirza’s doubles win last year would be exponentially amplified.

And while in London, how can I miss the every-Londoners favourite drink- the tea? I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I do have the habit of trying things authentic to a place at that place. So a cup of tea with biscuits is bound to figure in the morning on one of the days. Talk about English breakfasts!

Well, there are a lot of other things that are running in my mind about things to do at London in general and the Wimbledon in particular. What according to you is an important thing that hasn’t figured in my list yet? Do let me know in the comments below.