Thursday, June 18, 2009

The life story of my cell phone use

That’s quite an unexpected entry isn’t it? Unexpected for me too! The idea just struck me!

On 7th June 2008, I got my very own mobile, gifted to me by my mamaji for my good result and also because I would need one soon. It was a Nokia 1209. I really liked that phone! The best thing was it was my own phone!

On 9th March 2009, something much unexpected happened. I lost my beloved phone! After a frantic search of an hour and a half by my aunty and me in the night’s darkness and constant chanting of the हनुमान चालीसा, the phone was recovered. From a place like a park, where I never went to, and in a condition which was much more absurd! The main phone set, the battery, the battery cover and the plastic cover that held my phone lay strewn in the park in quite an unhealthy manner. For all many of you who don’t know yet, my phone had been bitten by a dog! Ever seen a dog eating a mobile phone? I guess not! Ultimately, within a few days the phone was repaired (its backlight had gone out and the phone was in a really pathetic physical condition) for Rs 400/- and then back in use.

Have a quick look at the phone through this video:

And some pics:

In a few weeks, the back
light went off again and the phone could no longer be charged. I had to take out the battery, put it in a friend’s phone, charge it and then replace it back! This went for nearly 6 weeks.

Back at home, I got the phone repaired at the Nokia Care Centre for another Rs 250 as no one was in a mood to get me a new set. In the early morning hours of the day after the phone came back repaired completely, I woke up suddenly and to my dismay during my sleep unknowingly I had put all my force on the phone’s screen and broken it! Oh shit! Next was what? A good bit of scolding from papa.

3rd June 2009 afternoon, I went with papa and sold off my phone at a mere Rs 200/- and lost all my hopes for a new good phone. As my papa put it, ‘तुझे अच्छा फ़ोन तभी मिलेगा जब तू फ़ोन का केयर करना सिख जाएगा’ (You will get a good phone only when you learn to take care of one)। I still kept on looking for nice handsets at the Nokia India website। I had made up mind to get the new Nokia 1662. It is a very good no-camera phone with FM. No-camera because camera phones are not allowed at my hostel and I am no rule breaker!

On 10th June 2009 Papa finally got me my desired phone! It is really nice: 1.8” display, color, FM radio and
many more integrated features and of course with its glossy finish it is very good to look at! मेरे फ़ोन को किसीकी नज़र ना लगे!

I didn’t expect this entry would be so long! Did you? Hehe…

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Your Return Gift

Hey friends, thank you very much for all your birthday wishes to this blog. Though I am one whole day late, you would surely not say no to this surprise return gift.

This is the latest addition to the blog! Yes, you are correct! I am no longer the sole writer at this place...

For the first time ever, introducing, my younger not-so-little sister Akankshya Abismruta.

She is now my co-author at this blog. Blogger is a new platform for her. With your constant support (in the form of your comments) she can surely become a part of this blogosphere soon.

Did you notice, There has been changes in the format of the blog? Now this blog is no longer Antarik Anwesan. It is now Antarik 'n' Akankshya - The Dotty Duo

Hopefully this blog would be much more popular in the days ahead!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I just remembered: my blog writing had started exactly a year ago, so that means today is my blog’s happy birthday!

On 13th June 2008, my blog writing experience started at a different location. It moved to its current location only on 30th June 2008. Celebrating this day, let us take a look at some of the entries-of-note that have surfaced on my blog. My class 10th results were declared (here), I entered into the portals of a new school (here & here), first time in a hostel (here), an unforgettable birthday (here) because of (here). Some very nice darshans (here, here, here, here & here), hostel moments (here & here) etc etc.

Overall, this blog has really helped me in keeping me and my readers up-to-date with what’s happening around me.

Hopefully, all my readers will help me in completing many more successful years with my blog by giving their precious comments about everything here.

आप सभी का बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The last days of our seniors at the hostel

As you might have guessed, this entry is about the days when our seniors left the portals of school life forever. Starting March 21st and going on till 13th April, these were the gloomiest days of our stay at this beautiful hostel.

I had wanted to write this entry as early as 13th April but due to some problem or the other it got delayed. I don’t think the exact mood of those days can ever be replicated by me in any form. Now it’s been almost two months since all the seniors left. Here I am making some very private things available to you just so that you could get a close view at the atmosphere prevailing around us then.

Here are some extracts from my not-so-well-maintained diary:

25th March ’09 (Wednesday)

“…Paras bhaiya, Abhimanyu bhaiya & Samudra bhaiya[the one frm SBP] left. Was quite an emotional moment! Hostel feels so khali-khali now! The ones who were the lifeline of the hostel have left…”

26th March ’09 (Thursday)

“…Hostel is getting scantier day-by-day. In 17 days it would be just the 8 of us left…”

13th April ’09 (Monday)

“…wasn’t feeling good- may be b’cuz of M.T. & everyone leaving. Went to school. After attendance came back to hostel (via clinic- took anti-anxiety pill) to bid final goodbye to seniors. All was well. Around 9, thought of going back to school. Met every senior. When Piyush bhaiya and Rahul bhaiya talked to me then, I don’t know why but I started crying. Left the place as fast as I could. Venky, on Amrit’s saying, stopped me midway & said atleast to make others happy I should come back, or may be looking at me he would start crying. I returned…Felt lighter then…Said goodbye to all the bhaiyas…Returned to school for M.T. Wasn’t able to concentrate in class at all. I think…”

Wasn’t that enough of my diary? Surely you can’t expect everything to be out! A diary is supposed to be personal!

Now after typing all this, a question just struck me: Why am I after all making my personal feelings, public? I am sorry to find that I have no answer. I am just doing it!

Hope you enjoyed. But was that something that was supposed to be enjoyed? I don’t know! Please have your say…

Saturday, June 06, 2009

“After 7^3, 354 days…Here I am 4 my last summer vacation”

12th June 2008: That was the day when I left my home state for an indefinite period. On 22nd May 2009 at 3.22 PM, my mobile screen flashed: Airtel welcomes you to Orissa. Finally after 343 days (if my calculations are correct), I was back here. We (that includes my aunt, two cousins and me) reached at 7:30 PM (even our Rajdhani Express got two hours delayed!!). I was received at the Bhubaneswar Railway Station by my nanaji. I went home and met my nani. My mother too reached there around 11 PM after she left Sambalpur in the evening. It felt like an after-a-very-long-time reunion.

The next evening my father and sister arrived and together we went to our dadaji’s house. On 25th, that is, after 354 days (since 5th June 2008), I came back to my hometown. After 7 cubed, 354 days…Here I am 4 my last summer vacation. It feels great to be back!

So what am I doing here? Want to know? Sure…I will tell you…but hang on; I haven’t typed those things yet!! Will surely post more soon…Till then, Happy blog reading!
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