Your Return Gift

Hey friends, thank you very much for all your birthday wishes to this blog. Though I am one whole day late, you would surely not say no to this surprise return gift.

This is the latest addition to the blog! Yes, you are correct! I am no longer the sole writer at this place...

For the first time ever, introducing, my younger not-so-little sister Akankshya Abismruta.

She is now my co-author at this blog. Blogger is a new platform for her. With your constant support (in the form of your comments) she can surely become a part of this blogosphere soon.

Did you notice, There has been changes in the format of the blog? Now this blog is no longer Antarik Anwesan. It is now Antarik 'n' Akankshya - The Dotty Duo

Hopefully this blog would be much more popular in the days ahead!


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