The life story of my cell phone use

That’s quite an unexpected entry isn’t it? Unexpected for me too! The idea just struck me!

On 7th June 2008, I got my very own mobile, gifted to me by my mamaji for my good result and also because I would need one soon. It was a Nokia 1209. I really liked that phone! The best thing was it was my own phone!

On 9th March 2009, something much unexpected happened. I lost my beloved phone! After a frantic search of an hour and a half by my aunty and me in the night’s darkness and constant chanting of the हनुमान चालीसा, the phone was recovered. From a place like a park, where I never went to, and in a condition which was much more absurd! The main phone set, the battery, the battery cover and the plastic cover that held my phone lay strewn in the park in quite an unhealthy manner. For all many of you who don’t know yet, my phone had been bitten by a dog! Ever seen a dog eating a mobile phone? I guess not! Ultimately, within a few days the phone was repaired (its backlight had gone out and the phone was in a really pathetic physical condition) for Rs 400/- and then back in use.

Have a quick look at the phone through this video:

And some pics:

In a few weeks, the back
light went off again and the phone could no longer be charged. I had to take out the battery, put it in a friend’s phone, charge it and then replace it back! This went for nearly 6 weeks.

Back at home, I got the phone repaired at the Nokia Care Centre for another Rs 250 as no one was in a mood to get me a new set. In the early morning hours of the day after the phone came back repaired completely, I woke up suddenly and to my dismay during my sleep unknowingly I had put all my force on the phone’s screen and broken it! Oh shit! Next was what? A good bit of scolding from papa.

3rd June 2009 afternoon, I went with papa and sold off my phone at a mere Rs 200/- and lost all my hopes for a new good phone. As my papa put it, ‘तुझे अच्छा फ़ोन तभी मिलेगा जब तू फ़ोन का केयर करना सिख जाएगा’ (You will get a good phone only when you learn to take care of one)। I still kept on looking for nice handsets at the Nokia India website। I had made up mind to get the new Nokia 1662. It is a very good no-camera phone with FM. No-camera because camera phones are not allowed at my hostel and I am no rule breaker!

On 10th June 2009 Papa finally got me my desired phone! It is really nice: 1.8” display, color, FM radio and
many more integrated features and of course with its glossy finish it is very good to look at! मेरे फ़ोन को किसीकी नज़र ना लगे!

I didn’t expect this entry would be so long! Did you? Hehe…


  1. hey nice to see ur new phone...
    feel a lil bit sorry for ur torch light phone....
    do u know ,which is my new mobile...
    its a 9300..check it in google..
    ts a cool phone...but doesnt hav a camera...
    my father got it 4 me from his office..coz my chinese set was behaving weirdly...

  2. ...crazy..aren't u???
    chalo...tera blog padh ke accha laga...
    i m goin to suratkal...nit...wahan pahuch ke call karunga...frm my new number...
    aur...hows hostel..and all others??


  3. as i said...i love dogs coz they posses such amazingly weird habits....hats off to the dog who did this :P :D :P...also gave interesting material to write for one more post...hehehe


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