“After 7^3, 354 days…Here I am 4 my last summer vacation”

12th June 2008: That was the day when I left my home state for an indefinite period. On 22nd May 2009 at 3.22 PM, my mobile screen flashed: Airtel welcomes you to Orissa. Finally after 343 days (if my calculations are correct), I was back here. We (that includes my aunt, two cousins and me) reached at 7:30 PM (even our Rajdhani Express got two hours delayed!!). I was received at the Bhubaneswar Railway Station by my nanaji. I went home and met my nani. My mother too reached there around 11 PM after she left Sambalpur in the evening. It felt like an after-a-very-long-time reunion.

The next evening my father and sister arrived and together we went to our dadaji’s house. On 25th, that is, after 354 days (since 5th June 2008), I came back to my hometown. After 7 cubed, 354 days…Here I am 4 my last summer vacation. It feels great to be back!

So what am I doing here? Want to know? Sure…I will tell you…but hang on; I haven’t typed those things yet!! Will surely post more soon…Till then, Happy blog reading!


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